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Kenneth Williams to go toe to toe with The Hulk...or so he says.

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Nov 17, 2005
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Michael Kenneth Williams is best known for his role as Omar on HBO’s acclaimed series The Wire. But this actor also plays a part in the upcoming Edward Norton vehicle, The Incredible Hulk.Can he talk about his role in that comic book adaption?“Not really, but I will say that I go toe-to-toe with the green guy himself. We’re definitely face-to-face. I’ll leave it at that,” Williams said to IGN recently.The Incredible Hulk stars Norton, who also wrote the film. Williams had the following to say about working with the star“It was a blast working with Ed Norton. He’s from Baltimore, so he really felt passionate about The Wire [which is set in Baltimore] and what we did on there as a whole.”
I wonder if he's the dead or downed guy in the alley in that early set video???
Shouldn't this be in the interviews thread?
If someone is gonna actually maintain an interview thread and add new interviews with the first post no it shouldn't. Because with dozens upon dozens of interviews in one thread the discussion becomes too confusing. Would you prefer a Kenneth Williams thread?
Aight Cool. Point taken
If this guy goes toe to toe with the Hulk, he's going to end up smashed. There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that he will become the Rock in the next Hulk movie, which would be on point.:applaud

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