Kimbo Appreciation, Anticipation, and Matchup Thread.


Feb 17, 2007
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Regardless of the hate this man gets, I can't help but love him, and feel that although he'll never be a top contender, we will get some good wars out of him.

His skills keep getting better, he has an amazing trainer, and after a couple more build up fights, I'm sure we will get what we've been waiting for.

He is rumoured to fight Ken Shamrock, the guy is old, but he'd be bound to give Kimbo some trouble on the ground. I just don't see Ken taking this unless he is hurting for money.

People all over the net have speculated they'd love to see Kimbo take on Brock Lesnar, and I think it be a good test for Kimbo. This guy is fresh to MMA as well, although he's been wrestling his whole life and is in excellent shape.
But how much of a punch can he take?

I think an interesting fight would be one against Butterbean, a tremendous knockout power, pretty good boxer, lacks ground and kicking game so it be a good matchup against Kimbo.

Sean Gannon is an obvious candidate, to either put to rest the only Kimbo lost, or to confirm Gannon's superior fighting skills. (Looking at his face after the fight, I'd be hard press to say he was the winner.)

If Kimbo could dish it out and win against these people I definitely think he'd gain more respect then he's garnered now, and be ready to step up a bit more... Not too Fedor or Rampage Jackson, but someone decent nonetheless.

Your thoughts?
"He stinks and I don't like him!"
Kimbo has little to no technique. True- he is a bruiser, but he has shown zero takedown and submission skill, and has only proven himself against a washed up, old loser (obviously, Tank Abbott). Tank has lost eight of his last nine fights. Big deal.

Kimbo is not much more than a boxer, and while I do enjoy watching him fight (I even admit, the man's a beast), he'd get dominated by anyone who has good endurance and the least bit of takedown/submission skill.
He is getting technique, bad place I was giving Ray Mercer some knees... Ended it with a guillotine, nothing fancy, but at least he's doing more then just swinging wildly.

Mercer and Abbott were both has been out of shape guys, and Cantrell was a big pussycat, yet I don't see that as Kimbo's fault, and I could see him being able to take on the guys I mentioned above.

They are just building him up, of course they won't set him against Fedor or someone of that talent, they are trying to build on the online legend and hopefully after a couple more fights we will start seeing some serious fights.
I'm aware they're building him up, I'm simply saying that all the hype about how great he CURRENTLY is, is a bit overdone. He'll be a monster if he learns takedowns and submissions, but until then, he's not gonna go far.
I'm pretty sure he has a rudimentary understanding of them, maybe he just doesn't have the confidence to properly use and execute them, and is still stuck on using his bruiser strength to get him to where he needs be.

I agree that the way he has been built up, considering his opponents, leaves much to be desired.

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