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Last Video Game you played?

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Lord of the Rings: The battle for middle earth II. For 3 hours, wokring your way to good screens is a real *female canine* let me tell you.
The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

Read reviews that it is a great game. I play it sometimes and I'm not quite hooked to playing.
Kingdom Hearts as well.
Currently playing: "Deus Ex", "Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain", "GTA: San Andreas", "Mega Man Anniversary Collection", "Septerra Core", "God of War" and "Rygar"
I'm alternating between Jak X Racing, MegaMan X Collection (Working on X6 now, ugh, hurry up and beat it so I can get to X8!!!) and Cold Winter.

Cold Winter is massively under-rated, great fun so far.
Spider-Man 2
Currently playing: Final Fantasy VIII"....."(Whoa!) "Whatewver..."(OMFG! People actually talk to me! This is so frickin' cool! I must keep silent so people think I'm cool!)".....",Super Mario 64 DS, Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance
Resident Evil 4 / Command & Conquer Generals.
DOA4 ... just owned some n00blet that was using the ninja guy. He had 3 moves & thats all he did!... after I ***** slapped his noob !##, I trashed talked him so badly he left the game & ran away like a little school girl with his tail between his legs. Sometimes I get very excited when I play DOA4, it can be fustrating.....

Damn nooblets...
ALso Quake 4... I LOVE this game, but lately its been DOA4 for me!
Does the "select trick" in MegaMan 1 still work on the Mega Man Anniversary Collection? That big yellow monster guy is a ***** to beat
I was playing Donkey Kong Country before I left for work this morning, and last night I played some Worms Wolrd Party
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