Ledger/Joker tribute bust


Oct 16, 2001
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Heres a bust I created...hope you like it.

Really cool. The work on your site is incredible, too.
Wow...that's amazing. Its incredibly detailed and very, very real looking.
That's awesome!
Amazing work mickmike, it is all detailed and it looks like real life...
Great job!
That is so lifelike and well done that it honestly scares me a little.

I don't mean that in a bad way, I have nothing but praise for that Joker bust. It is fantastic, you are incredibly talented. I'm sure Heath would be proud.
that is just like...seriously, if i were in a dark room and turned around and saw that...i would run screaming. amazing.
oh, and your christopher reeve is amazing. i mean, they are all amazing. but that reeve is like madam tussauds quality
Mike Hill posting here?

Geez... the credibility of this forum just went up ten fold. Amazing piece of work there Mike. Do you have any other pics of the Ross Batman besides those that appear in your gallery listing?
Wow, that bust looks amazing!

Great job!
Wow!! That is pretty amazing & very lifelike. You can tell it does resemble Heath's Joker to a T. Heath would be proud of this. :word::up:
That Bust is amazing! I hope the official Dark Knight merchandise is this good!
oh my...your work is amazing. love the hulk on your site man!
Fabulous job Mr. Hill, your work is always magnificent. The likeness is perfect, a very nice tribute. I've been your site several times and as a big fan of Universal and Hammer horror, I must say, your Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, and Bela Lugosi work is just as incredible.

"hope you like it" pshhhh. that is of professional quality, brother. i mean, it looks like a real human being. unreal.

Well he is a professional so I wouldn't expect anything less:oldrazz:
needless to say that you are good ...first i thought entering your site ...ok ....sculpting like god did....but i have to say this: you know you are good ...i say: you are god:-)
and f*** the expressions of the eyes in every work, amazing!!!! :up::up::up:
like fotos of real people....love especially christopher reeve, i really thought at first sight this is a foto of him himself
Do you except cash in monthly payments? lol

It is...I...uh...it's just...

Oh god; *****ing ace!

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