Lexiac? Or Lexzod?


Master Tim
May 10, 2004
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I'm a little confused.

The end of Oracle seemed to imply that Lex has a part of Braniac in him, and we will be seeing a "Lexiac" type deal.

Is this the case? Or is he a vessel for Zod and we will get a "Lexzod" combo?

Hopefully neither, I just want Zod!
Either way someone will be possessing Lex, as seen in the shot of him in that whitish pod thing.
tonytr1687 said:
Either way someone will be possessing Lex, as seen in the shot of him in that whitish pod thing.

Maybe the stuff Brainiac injects Lex with will cause a cocoon to grow around him & then when Lex comes out of it he will be like Super Lex all powerful & everything. Maybe Lex will split into after he had been injected & there will be like 2 of him again, but one will either be a new form of Brainiac or Lex will be the embodiment of Zod. Is Zod even guaranteed to show up in the season finale or will we have to wait until next season for the real Zod to show up? Will he only be around for a few episodes & then taken out by Clark like when he trapped the other 2 Kryptonians in the Phantom Zone, or will he be the major story arc of next season & be around multiple episodes?
My money's on LexZod...I think something will happen where Lex will be captured by Brainiac and put into that cocoon thingy and when he breaks through it will be General Zod inhabiting Lex's body.
Zod will "inhabit" Lex for sure.
I must break you.

I'm rooting for lexzod
I'd rather see Lexiac.

Zod should be his own entity.
Lexiac Or Lexzod whom ever it may be will be no more than just another lab creation or so it seems. He could be the most powerful being ever & he will still be no more than just another lab creation. We will find out next week for sure who it will be. If it is another form of Brainiac he will be uneffected by kryptonite, but if it is a new form of Zod will he still be effected by Kryptonite just like Clark or would Brainiac be smart enough to make it to were he "Zod" wouldn't be effected by it? Brainiac would still need a way to keep Zod in line for fear of being double crossed or even killed by Zod, so maybe he would make it to were Zod would still be vulnerable to kryptonite.

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