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Apr 4, 2004
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First Look:

Starring Liev Schreiber in his first series regular role, Ray Donovan takes a novelistic look at contemporary Los Angeles. It centers on Ray (Schreiber) as L.A.’s best professional “trouble shooter” who is called in to solve the complicated, confidential and controversial problems of the city’s elite. The series’ all-star cast includes Jon Voight as the ex-con Donovan clan patriarch and Elliot Gould as Ray’s long-time client and mentor, along with Eddie Marsan and Dash Mihok, who will play Ray’s brothers, and Paula Malcomson in the role of Ray’s wife, “Abby.” Ray Donovan was created and executive produced by Ann Biderman (Southland). The series will also be executive produced by The Mark Gordon Company’s Mark Gordon and Bryan Zuriff. Ray Donovan is a SHOWTIME production and the pilot was directed by Allen Coulter (Nurse Jackie and Sons of Anarchy pilots), who also serves as producer.
Looks good.
got to admit, the begining of the Ray Donovan trailer didnt interest me at all until Jon Voight showed up.
Liev's cool, but the rest of it all... meh...

doesn't seem or sound like it'll have any staying power...
Yeah it didn't hook me until Voight showed up but add it to the list of promising new dramas for 2013.
Well, I really liked the premiere. Looks like this is going to be a very good show.
I don't know if it's going to hold my attention. Which is a shame, 'cause it has such a great cast, especially Schrieber. And I always like seeing Dash Mihok.
I like Schreiber alot. Here's to hoping this show gets views and is actually good.
First ep was okay. I'll give it two more watches. I want to like it.....but right now, eh.
I thought it set up some nice things. Hahaha every time I hear Dash Mihok I'm like "Where have I heard that name before??!" and then I realize what it rides off. Last name: Mehoff, first name: Jack. Hahaha I can't help it, it happens every damn time
This show is GREAT! Seriously captures how messed up Hollywood can often be lol.
Digging this show. Good episode tonight... Liev is great.

I want to know what Mickey did that has Ray hate him beyond belief.
Yeah really liked this episode it's giving me Brotherhood vibes. Man I miss that show a least it got a great series finale here's hoping it's good enough to last longer.
Love this show. :up:
new things popping up in each new episode

things are getting interesting
Yea it's starting to really take shape. At first I really didn't know how to take this show but it's definitely growing on me week by week. John Voight is awesome too
Yea it's starting to really take shape. At first I really didn't know how to take this show but it's definitely growing on me week by week. John Voight is awesome too

love that seen when he's watching that ass shaking music video in the library, lol
the trunk of Mickeys (voight) car :lmao:

and Abby is just annoying... I can't stand her.
Ok yea tonite was damn good. Show is really starting to find it's footing. Ray is a bit of a one dimensional character and Liev plays him pretty coldly but you do get a sense that there is more to him than what he presents to you.
Jon Voight is hilarious

the ending with him dancing at gay club...hahaha!
yeah, Voight dancing better get him an emmy!

I like his character the best. The scene with him looking at the black women twerking video in the library was hilarious.
Voight really is ****ing shining here. Like, a lot. Never really seen him be this awesome
Yeah Voight is definitely stealing the show. Ray is so unlikable for a lead character.
i think ray is very likable... in his own kind of quiet because i am a bad mother ****er sort of way... but yea hes a dull leading guy... but hes surrounded by pretty good characters... this last episode with Ray crying gave him some more depth... could be a season long transformation.
Best new show of this year, by far. :D Well, except for abut they aren't quite the same, lol.

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