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List things you liked about Spider-Man 3!

Picard Sisko

Prepare to be Assimilated
May 28, 2012
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Spider-Man 3 was such a huge disappointment for us Spidey fans, but nonetheless it was filled with plenty of fun moments. What are things you do like about the movie? I will start listing a few things...

  1. The CGI for Sandman was amazing IMO
  2. The first fight between Peter and Harry
  3. Venom's design. Yes, he was skinny, but it worked for me
  4. The bell tower scene was fantastic!
  5. This movie had a great score! Sandman's theme got stuck in my head for quite a long time
  6. Bruce Campbell's cameo
  7. The Spider-Man saving Gwen Stacy scene. So colorful and adventurous!

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