Transformers little help with the background score



k guys.. i have watched the transformers movie by Bay..
theres one part of the movie whose background score is what im trying to get my hands on since few weeks
in the movie.. mikaela and sam r sitting in bumblebee.. sam says abt the seat belt...
then mikela says why does this super robot tranform into this piece of crap...
bumblebee stops ... they get down.. and bumble bee scans a gorgeous camero and transforms into one...
at this point which music comes.. can anyone please tell me what it is.. or where is it from...
It sounds like the song from kill bill, if it's the song I'm thinking of. I have no idea what it's called. You can probably find it on the soundtrack to this and to kill bill. I'm not 100% on that
cool.. found the song thanks a lot ...

its from kill bill itself..

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