Horror Longlegs

I dunnno......anyone else think the twist is Nic Cage turning into a giant spider for the climax?
All these reviews…

I just heard in the Big Pic pod that Sean Fennessey (who's a big horror guy) can't say anything because of the embargo but saw it and said he had nightmares from it.

No, really. With a movie like this, it'd make sense. Think the end of It Chapter 2 but it's Nic Cage instead of Bill Sarsgaard as Spider Pennywise. Otherwise, why call yourself "Longlegs"? Unless the 'daddy' part of "daddy longlegs" is what's at play given the cult stuff?
Kane, the way you hyping this movie up and getting me all excited, if it’s mid like X, we squaring up.

And i don’t want no hard feelings after either. :o

1. X is not mid :o
2. I make no promises but I'm hoping Longlegs delivers because for my money Oz Perkins is underrated as a horror director.

Every single piece of promotion that's been released so far has been so well done, it'll be crazy if this fails the hype.
I fell into the rabbit hole of the viral marketing... it was effective.

I'm ready for this.

I’m not calling that mother****er and he better get the hell out of my downstairs. :o

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