Mad Max: Furiosa Spinoff

Not even The Road Warrior? Fury Road was almost like a remake of that film.
Road warrior is easily the best of the original 3, so I do enjoy that one the most out of those. I just feel like fury road took everything that worked and mashed it together perfectly with other things, along with pushing the action genre forward in a contemporary sense that finally made me go "okay, this is a masterpiece".


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Time to open the floodgates and give the people what they want!


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So apparently they are going to have the Furiosa panel, then the trailer and then exclusive footage/preview shown just at CCXP.
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So Burke is Dementus.

Edit: or not, other sources claim Hemsworth.
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I expected it as different to Fury Road as Fury Road was to the previous Mad Max installments, but that doesn't seem the case.

Be that as it may, it looks beautiful! 😍

Did Hemsworth borrow Bradley Cooper's nose? :o

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