Sequels Magneto Update (Needs Czech Translation)

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Nov 17, 2005
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My buddy Petr on myspace sent me the above link with this explanation:

Hey maybe it's interesting for you... In this article they wrote that the Barrandov Studios are in talks with the production of David Goyer's spin-off Magneto about the filming in Czech Republic.

I then translated to this which helps a little:

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I couldn't log on to fix the post for a long time. Fixed first message.
Well above the translation it explains it anyways. It's took the Czech version of "origins" and made it "Top Copy" like "original". LOL
Ok I had e whole thing trasnlated from Petr who linked me to the post to begin with:

Yeah, I can read that. It's an article about filming in Czech and mainly about movies like Narnia or Hellboy which were filmed in Czech but their next chapters will be filmed in the countries like Hungary or Romania. But in the article is only one sentence about Magneto which I can translate like: "The last rumours say that X-Men Origins: Magneto could be filmed in our country." It's about Barrandov Studios so that 'in our country' means 'Barrandov Studios', it's in Prague. I think another news will be very soon but I don't know if it's possible because from February '08 in Czech will be filming G.I. Joe and I heard also something about Solomon Kane and some other projects so we will see. ;)

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