Man buying poodle discovers they're actually ferrets on steroids

how do you NOT know those don't look poodles....first sign....poodles don't have giant biceps and get angry and smash stuff at the flip of a switch.
I always tought Superferret was just a corgy...

...but this is ridiculous.
Do they fight crime? I think thats the only question we should be asking
P.T. Barnum said it best, "There is a sucker born every minute".
If you ask me, he made away with better pets.
jeez, sometimes life and people can be the stupidest ****s... :whatever:
That poor man was just about to loose (lose?) his toes!
I honestly believe that is what SuperFerret looks like behind the computer screen.
Wait... I always thought poodles WERE ferrets.

They're not?
Damn cause of this I just had my Chihuahua's DNA tested, and it turns out it's just a tall rat!:wow:
Even white and with its fur fluffed up, that DOESN'T look like a Poodle...or any kind of dog.
I'll never stop seeing that thing in my nightmares...

Thanks, guys. :o
Is this the new human face satan cat?
This can't be real lol
We literally have a thread about super ferrets and SuperFerret hasn't posted in it yet? How is this possible?

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