Man lost at sea saved by shark

Doesn't exactly sound like the shark was guiding him anywhere. Pretty crazy that he survived all of that though!
this is all for good PR. The shark's are just trying to repair their image before the uprising.
this is all for good PR. The shark's are just trying to repair their image before the uprising.

Or quite possibly trying to generate a "good" vibe for any possible Jaws sequels or remakes. :o
It's gonna be a shark attack 4 and only casper van dien can save us oh my goooooooooooooooooooood.
Eric Roberts has found his new test subject...
Sharktopus reference?...Eh?

...butt scratcher?
I'd rather be eaten by the shark, then. :o

He tries so hard at acting, I'm sure he'll try hard to save you.


Duke is in the water surrounded by sharks, circling him.

Duke: Help. HELP ME.
CVD: I save you!

*CVD run towards Duke, but trips over a sponge and starfish.*

Duke gets torn up by the sharks, very lame like. Horrible CGI.

CVD: :dry: Noooooooooooooooo.
Pretty dumb to go fishing and then go to sleep and drift away in the night. Pretty sure the shark wanted seconds.
"It was on the afternoon of Sept. 11 that he awoke to the sound of scratching against his boat. A six-foot shark was circling the boat and, Teitoi said, bumping against its hull."

That's a rather interesting behavior. I know that sharks will commonly bump into (and sometimes even bite) boats with metallic components, but it's thought that that's the result of the shark being attracted to the weak electric field.

Could it have been trying to rid itself of ectoparasites?
I didn't get the impression that the shark was guiding him anywhere.

But then again, the poor guy was stranded on a boat in the middle of the ocean for 106 days. Believing that a shark (Satan's aquatic form) was trying to save him isn't too unreasonable a thought, given such circumstances.
Pretty sad story actually, he had to bury his own brother at sea during all of this. Sounds like this could be optioned for a movie adaption.
Read the story expecting a story about a shark who defied stereotypes. Instead its a story about a guy save by people with binoculars.
Nothing that's got black eyes like a doll's eyes is defying stereotypes.
I wanted to read a fascinating tale of a man who rode a shark back to safety. This just blows.
This was REALLY disappointing...
Who the hell are you?
Quote from Jaws (Quint): "Quit playing with yourself, Hooper!"

Thought you were quoting Jaws. Quint describes sharks' eyes as being like dolls' eyes. So I replied with a modified quote in turn. Thought that was obvious. Oh, well.

My name is Doctor Evo. Y'all know me. Know how I earn a livin'. (See what I did there?)
Best part of the story is the "rescuers" continuing to fish for several days more after "saving" him, take your time fellas. Oh whats for dinner? More fish, nice. :D

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