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Man of Honor...anyone?


Jul 9, 2006
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My best friend just asked me to be the "Man of Honor" at her Wedding. She told me I could think about it before I answered her but I went ahead and said yes. I did think for about 20 seconds how weird it will be to stand on her side, with all her bridesmaids. But this day is hers, not mine and if I can help make like she wants then I should do it...right?

Anyone else been a "Man of Honor" or been to a wedding where this happened?
Nope. I cant say I've ever heard of that.
Are her bridesmaids hot?
I was for my niece's wedding. Her parents abandoned her when she was 5. Her grandmother and grandfather took her in, and after he died, my wife (who I hadn't met yet) helped take care of her. When I started dating my wife, her niece was living with her. Five years later when she got married, she was now calling me "Pa". She wanted her grandmother to walk her down the aisle because of how she had raised her the longest, but wanted to acknowledge me for being a father to her.

It's a nice honor to have.
That is so awesome and unconventional, I like it! You should say yes to her!

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