The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Marton Csokas - Who is he?


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Jul 26, 2012
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imdb says something about Dr. Kafka. So is he heading Ravencroft when previously we thought it was Feore?

Could either one of them be Jameson? Warren? Toomes? Smythe?

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My guess is a Ravencroft employee or Oscorp or something to that effect. Not a huge character but you never know.
idk. Csokas seems (if only slightly) bigger than "employee."

I could see him as a less campy, different spin on J Jonah Jameson. Less jokey, more anger. Not that I actually think he will be, just pure speculation.

Probably not quite old enough for Toomes.
I see what you're saying. Like he looks like he could be used for something bigger idk. Maybe Webb will tweet something revealing like he did Colm Feore.
I've been saying on the other forums, it'd be really cool if he was Kraven (if he decided to use his accent). IMDB is a hard one to trust but if he's Kafka... it's a small role for a guy who is a pretty decent character actor.
So they're casting Kafka as a guy?

The name is just too spot on by the way for a Spider-Man (some will get what I mean).
It'd be really cool if he ends up continuing his role in TASM3, being a villain.

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