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Marvel February 2013 Solicitations

I looked through all those on Newsarama and my only reaction was "Damn it, Thunderbolts is double shipping in December AND February.
Hmm, unless I missed it, it seems that Adjectiveless X-Men is ending in February without any previous announcement. It's not a big loss really, as I only buy it spiratically, but that cover makes me sad. I miss the era I see in it :(

So my official buy list for the month of February is:

Marvel $4 – $44
Uncanny X-Men 1
Uncanny X-Men 2
Uncanny X-Force 2
Uncanny Avengers 5
All New X-Men 7
Cable & X-Force 4
Wolverine & the X-Men 25
Nova 1
Avengers 5
Avengers 6
X-Men 41 (If Chamber’s in it)

Marvel $3 -$15
Young Avengers 2
Avengers Arena 4
Avengers Arena 5
X-Men Legacy 6
Daredevil 23

DC – $33
Batman 17 ($4)
Batman Inc. 8
Batman & Robin 17
Green Lantern 17
Justice League 17 ($4)
Justice League Dark 17
Phantom Stranger 5
Green Arrow 17
Justice League of America 1 ($4)
Stormwatch 17

Total - $92

While still underbudget I still don't like spending that much in a month anymore. There's not even many double-shippings, which means I am picking up too many titles again. I'll have to go through more cuts.

Chopping block
Phantom Stranger
Justice League of America
Batman & Robin
Avengers Arena
Young Avengers
X-Men Legacy

I'll have to look at the first issue or two of some of these, or just see where the title is currently going to decide. I'll likely drop 3 or 4 of these. No clue which ones.

And it's annoying. If only comic companies weren't greedy. If these were all $3 as they should be and the double shipping crap was scrapped, I'd save $23. Meaning, not only would I not cut a thing, I'd likely pick up another book or two.
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Haha, I am all over that Fearless Defenders series. Weird but potentially awesome? Sold.

Secret Avengers = dropped. Shame, it was a good series before.

Hickman's Avengers is already sounding uncomfortably revisionist. But we'll see. An Imperial Guard member on the Avengers does sound cool, and I'm always happy to see the Captain Universe powers in play.

Oh, wow, Marvel, please don't ever let Simone Bianchi draw Captain America's new costume again. Please.

Not gonna lie, Superior Spider-Man sounds interesting. But I don't want to bother reading it until I know who the character is. I'll probably wait and then pick up the first however many arcs before they reveal it in trades if I like who it is.

Should be fun to see the Future Foundation play off of the new Spider-Man in Avenging Spider-Man, given the fact that Peter was like their cool uncle.

Ooh, Nic Klein is drawing Winter Soldier. I loved Viking largely because of him.

Whoa, Dog from Origin is coming back? And it doesn't immediately sound stupid? Crazy!
- I'll check out the Guardians of the Galaxy 0.1. If it's interesting enough I'll continue reading the series.
- There's something that really erks me about the way the new Nova is being pushed. He did squat in AvX. Stop over playing it...
- Uncanny X-men sounds awesome! One of my most anticipated titles
- I wonder why Havok's leadership is questioned.
- I'm more excited for New Avengers than Abjectiveless. I love that cast! Namor and Black Panther is going to be awesome.
- Pass on Secret Avengers
- Avengers sounds fine I guess.
- Young Avengers sounds awesome! Can't wait to see what Wiccan does. At least one title I'm reading in Marvel Now is going to have gay characters.
- One minute I'm excited for FF, the next I think it's going to suck... Miss Thing!!!
- That cover with Mystique and Cyclops is fantastic. I'm so happy she's going to have a bigger status in 2013.
- X-men Legacy continues to have amazing covers... just wish I was confident that it was going to be good...
- Wolverine and the X-men looks... weird... Is that Azezel? And who cares about Dog? But as long as it's fun I'm ok with it.
- I really wish I liked Astonishing... but I can't get into it... and for that price... it's not worth it.
- Wolverine and the X-men looks... weird... Is that Azezel? And who cares about Dog? But as long as it's fun I'm ok with it.

Hey, that is Azazel! As the only person on planet earth who loved the Draco, that excites me. I can't say it's a surprise though. I've always thought there had to be some sort of connection between the Bamfs and that story.

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