Marvel July 2013 Solicitations

What cover are you guys looking at??? :huh: :huh: :huh:

What cover are you guys looking at??? :huh: :huh: :huh:


Uncanny Avengers #10 shows the new horsemen of Apocalypse as [BLACKOUT]Daken, the Grim Reaper, Banshee, and the Sentry[/BLACKOUT].
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Why have I got the feeling that the What If? Avengers vs X-Men is going to be much better then what we got in the real version...:csad:
Uncanny Avengers #10 shows the new horsemen of Apocalypse as [BLACKOUT]Daken, the Grim Reaper, Banshee, and the Sentry[/BLACKOUT].
Very interesting. They're the four horsemen of death though, not Apocalypse.
Which is why they'll probably not last long. I'm sure they'll go *poof* once the arc ends. It would be cool if Remender finds a way to bring Banshee back permanently though...
- I'm probably going to pass on Avengers A.I., but I would pick it up if I heard good things.
- Oooh Neil Gaiman on Guardians of the Galaxy. Looks like I'm staying on until at least issue 5.
- AvX what if? No thanks!
- I'm happy I started with Avengers from the beginning of the relaunch. Looks like #16 we'll see some characters return.
- I can't wait to see this Atlantis vs Wakanda war in New Avengers.
- I want Daken and Banshee to return in Uncanny Avengers.
- The "cleverly hidden exposition" in Young Avengers sounds good :p
- Issue 10 is the "penultimate chapter" of the Gorr storyline, huh? I can't even imagine this title without Gorr.
- More of the same from F4 and FF
- That ANXM cover is GORGEOUS. I'm assuming the Mastermind in this situation will be Lady Mastermind posing as her father? I'm very much looking forward to it. I've been feeling like we haven't gotten enough Jean on the title, but between this and the Guardians of the Galaxy crossover, hopefully I'll be satisfied.
- Yay! Shatterstar and Longshot secrets revealed in X-Factor!
- Gambit, Astonishing X-men, and Cable and X-force are all titles I kinda wish I was picking up.

Looks like a good month.
I'm hoping the new Young Avenger is either Speed returning or Prodigy... both appearing in issue 5 or 6 (forget which one).

I'm loving that Uncanny Avengers cover. I don't care about Grim Reaper but the other three have me stoked. Hopefully some or all of them can stay. I'd love to see Banshee join the Uncanny Avengers.
Marvel $4 – $48
All New X-Men 14
Uncanny X-Men 8
Uncanny X-Men 9
Wolverine & the X-Men 33
Uncanny X-Force 8
Uncanny X-Force 9
X-Men 3
Uncanny Avengers 10
New Avengers 8
Thor: God of Thunder 10
Guardians of the Galaxy 5
Nova 6

Marvel $3 - $12
Young Avengers 7
Young Avengers 8
Daredevil 28
Daredevil 29

Marvel Minis & One-Shots – $8
Guardians of the Galaxy: Tomorrow’s Avengers ($5)
Daredevil: Dark Nights #2 ($3)

DC – $46
Justice League 22 ($4) (TW)
Justice League of America 6 ($4) (TW)
Justice League Dark 22 ($4) (TW)
Trinity of Sin: Pandora 2 (TW)
Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger 10 (TW)
Aquaman 22
Superman Unchained 2 ($4)
Batman 22 ($4)
Batman Annual 2 ($5)
Batman Incorporated 13 (last issue)
Batwoman 22
Nightwing 22
Batman & Catwoman 22

For a total of $114. And $14 of that is due to double-shipping... yay.

What is that Guardians of the Galaxy oneshot? I've not heard anything about it and can't find anything online. So it's basically just 4 stories about various members of the team so readers can get to know the better? If that's it then I'll skip it. I don't want to spend $5 on a oneshot staring characters from a title I'm not even sure if I want to continue buying.

That aside, my buying has exploded over the recent months. I've been trying to give Nova a full arc but I don't think I'll be able to. I'm also probably going to drop Uncanny X-Force since I'm only interested in Bishop, but he's not worth overspending every month. Beyond those I don't know. I should probably drop another 2 or 3 titles to get to a decent spending level but I don't know what titles to drop. Batman & (Robin) might get a drop since I was mostly buying it for Damian, but I like Tomasi and Gleason and I like the idea of an epic run coming up. I could drop Wolverine & the X-Men but I'm very interested in the Hellfire Club Saga coming up. Nightwing is an option but I just really like that character. I miss Barrows on art but I think Higgins is doing a great job with the character. I could potentially just not start Superman Unchained but I've always wanted to give Supes a fair shake since I'm a fan of boyscout characters and he's the top one. I like Snyder and Lee, this seems like my chance to finally give the character a chance, but I don't know. Both Phantom Stranger and Pandora are on a testing basis until Trinity War is over, so we'll see how that ends up. And as much as I don't want to, Thor seems to be concluding the Gorr storyline in August. That might be a good dropping point.

Man... I hate this. I had my buying under control for such a long time and it's just exploded of late. Now I have to go through the painful cutting again. It takes the enjoyment out of buying sadly :(

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