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Marvel Legends Zombies

I've been seeing these as well. I saw a Spider-Man and Wolverine one the other day. They were amazing. I'd love to have that kind of patience and talent to customize.
Well you could cut Iron ma in Half and there ya go.
There's a few I've seen on Fwoosh and they came out good. The Zombie Hulk I saw was cool.
Now I wanna cut off the top half of my Cap's head...:D
these are better
alot better

The Spider-man one is great....The Hulk one isn't. There is a better Hulk on E-bay.

And Check the detain on that one Thor up there man.
hmmmm. How fitting that the one I am arguing for is done by the same guy.

Not the face, no. But the sculpting on the body is phenomenal.
Forgive me but what's the story behind Marvel Zombies? Don't get the book around here. I'm sure it's a nod to the whole "your a marvel zombie" thing, but what's the STORY behind Marvel heroes eating the flesh of the living?
Uh....Sentry came from space (or something) and had this virus with him that turned folks into zombies. Within 3 days damn near all of the MU was infected.
Roughneck said:
What? That is a ML3 Thor used for the base.

It most definitely is not. The arms are bigger, the hip joints are different, there appears to be some sort of torso joint in there, boots are different, etc. etc.

I can't say for sure it's the new Venom body, but it's definitely not ML3 Thor.
hmm. The one pick looks like the ML3 Thor with the fingers out.....but not the other two. You're right. It's not Venom though cause Venom has Double Joined elbows.....Unless it's the new Venom.
Its body is from the new Venom and the head from a Mecha Hulk. I saw WIP (work in progress) pics for all three of this guy's customs over at Fwoosh. I for one think they are very damn good, I especially like the Hulk. But the Thor is in fact Venom's body (the newest Venom) and Mecha Hulk's head. Iwanna see a Zombie Cap before this guy is done.
Only if it has a detachable top-of-head.
That Cap one is pretty sick. Maybe a little too skinny, but man, that guy has skills...

Nice use of Johnny Blaze GR, though.
The Cap could've been better but its still good.

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