Marvel may recast Hawkeye for Avengers 2


Nov 5, 2012
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Report: Marvel Phase 2 Won’t Include Hawkeye, Renner May Be Recast

Following the release of Marvel’s The Avengers, Jeremy Renner expressed discontent with his character’s role in the film.
“For 90 percent of the movie, I’m not the character I signed on to play,” Comic Book Movie quotes Renner as saying. “It’s kind of a vacancy. [He's] not even a bad guy, because there’s not really a consciousness to him. To take away who that character is and just have him be this robot, essentially, and have him be this minion for evil that Loki uses … I was limited, you know what I mean? I was a terminator in a way. Fun stunts. But is there any sort of emotional content or thought process? No.”
Up until now, those remarks hadn’t been given a whole lot of thought, but now CBM’s The Daily Superhero is reporting that Hawkeye is not slated to appear in any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase II films, with the possible exception of the as-yet-untitled Avengers sequel–and that by the time he shows up on the big screen again, the character might be completely recast.
“The source hints that there’s the tiniest chance Renner will reprise his role in The Avengers Sequel but the source also said there is a greater chance Hawkeye will be recast (like War Machine and the Hulk have been recast before). Finally, the source said if Hawkeye is to be recast there is a solid chance he could be incorporated into the new television show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as a primary character,” the report states.
Ironically, the changes come at a time when Hawkeye–a character who often has some trouble gaining a foothold in the comics–has the most critically-acclaimed title at Marvel, netting a number of Eisner nominations this year.

here's the original interview
Eh,I seriously doubt they'll stick him on the SHIELD series.I don't see why they should recast Renner over what he said.It's not like he was badmouthing the film.Sounds like he just wanted more to do-and who could blame him.

CA: TWS is already packed,so I doubt they could fit yet another hero in it.So I wouldn't read too much into that.
I've been saying this for awhile. Back when I read this interview months ago I knew there was a chance Renner wasn't coming back which was why he's not in any Phase II films. This makes the most sense, I mean everyone has a part in at least one Phase II movie, even Ruffalo.
I kinda feel bad for Renner, they should a least give him a short film like there doing with Peggy Carter. Marvel One-shot: Hawkeye Origins, would be so cool!
Renner is great.

That being said, if he isn't willing to negotiate to be a supporting role in a multi-billion dollar franchise, bully for him. That's his own prerogative.

That being said, if he is willing to play ball and Marvel still snuffs him, they deserve both my middle fingers. Straight up.

That being said, if they get Hawkeye into AoS, I will be too thrilled to dwell on Renner's absence.
It is disappointing, but I understand him. He isn't exactly asking to be the main character, but he really was basically the Terminator, except for the final battle.
Oh no not Hawkeye! Just kidding, I don't care either way but I feel sorry for Renner and it's a shame to loose the continuity now that he's been inserted in.

Still, with potentially two new characters joining the team it might give the others some more character development which is always a plus.
First RDJ says he plans to drop Iron Man, now this?
How about replacing Chris Evans next?

Honestly, the only I'd like to see changed is Nick Fury, when I read him in Ultimates I hear the voice of Will Smith, so I was hoping for Will Smith to take the role
One way to get round this without too much notice is to finally give Hawkeye his comic mask. Then he can walk round with that all the time and no-one will notice the recast. :p
Surprised. Thought he had some good chemistry with ScarJo. Oh well.
I have a hard time believing all these reports. This sounds like some jump-on-the-bandwagon reporting.
One way to get round this without too much notice is to finally give Hawkeye his comic mask. Then he can walk round with that all the time and no-one will notice the recast. :p
For people who don't care about seeing the face or the name of the actor it could work
It doesn't appear as though there is any new information in the article - they're just looking at the facts. Hiddleston, Smulders, Gregg, Johansson, Ruffalo, Downey Jr., Paltrow, Evans, Hemsworth, Jackson and Skarsgard all have Phase II roles either in films or Agents of SHIELD. Renner joins Harry Dean Stanton, the cop that questions why he should follow Cap's orders and the SHIELD agent that feebly attempts to prevent the taking of the Quinjet as the actors with speaking parts in the Avengers who (probably) aren't in Marvel's future plans.

Perhaps this is a shot across the bow at the contract demands of the other non-Downey Jr. players that, yes, they will indeed recast. And while I like the character of Hawkeye, I am not sure why the Agents of SHIELD would have need of a sniper.
I've heard Renner says he needs some time off. He's made several action movies back to back.
While it isn't a huge deal if they recast him, it is kind of a bummer if that's the route they go. I thought that Renner was good in his role, but it was obvious he wasn't being given a ton of material. I was hoping that they'd do something to explain Hawkeye's history with Black Widow, but it seems like Marvel is more interested in making movies that push the MCU forward instead of looking back. I'm fine with that strategy, but I think they'd be missing out on an opportunity to make an interesting movie. It also could probably be made on a cheaper budget than a lot of the Marvel films since there wouldn't need to be a huge CGI component too.

Oh well - guess we will see what happens with Hawkeye soon enough.
Why not just replace the character with a different one until hes ready to come back ? Hes probably the only actor out of everyone. Just happy for the exposure & probably would not demand that much money to return. Or Phase 3 recast everyone at this point
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Isn't this just a rumor from CBM? Or is there actual credibility to it besides the interviews from last year with Renner ?
I like how they casually leave out Renner saying he understands and is OK with what happened, and how he's excited for where it goes next.

Renner isn't going anywhere.
Yeah, there are later interviews with him as well where he seems pretty stoked and positive about it. I doubt Whedon would let him get the cut just cause of that. He was a fan fav for the part for awhile.
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If Renner was truly unsatisfied with his role in the Avengers (sure I can believe that) but also likes the character and would like to continue playing him (I think this is the case) then an easy way to get some character development would be to agree to a 3 or 4 episode arc on AoS. Probably not likely, but this would be a great way to explore Hawkeye and would give Renner the depth he was hoping for.
They're not going to cut Hawkeye from the team... and this recast s**t is a mere rumor. Seeing as how he was the coolest Avenger in the film to me, I very much want to see Hawkeye in TA2.
I don't think Marvel would introduce Hawkeye in AoS as having him in there might seem too much like Arrow. Either he'll remain on the big screen or won't be around at all.
Why would it seem too much like Arrow? Renner's character was seen by the entire planet before Arrow even debuted on the CW. They'll see him as the movie character guest starring. But I doubt Renner would do it being he's a movie star. I know I wouldn't. Just write him a great part in the next film, something he can sink his teeth into.

But I do hope they give Hawkeye a mask this time (and Arrow as well - no more mascara). If Cap can have one, then why can't Hawkeye?? It doesn't have to be purple, just make him look bada**
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although this is a rumor and i take it with a grain of salt. I would not be surprised if Renner/Hawkeye doesn't appear in future Marvel films.
I don't think Marvel would introduce Hawkeye in AoS as having him in there might seem too much like Arrow. Either he'll remain on the big screen or won't be around at all.

I think Arrow would not even be a consideration for Marvel if they wanted Hawkeye to appear in AoS. The two characters really are not similar and of the two, Marvel has the more widely seen one. They would give the comparison less than a thought. Now, would Renner be amenable to doing a guest stint? I'm leaning towards no, because oddly enough, of the actors in Marvel's stable he seems the least likely to make a TV appearance. That said if he was really interested in delving into the character, then this would be the way to do it.

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