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Marvel Solicits for November 2012

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Aug 4, 2003
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Solicits Be Here!

Yeah, so these things tick me off. I've been working my butt off to get my buy list down and what does Marvel do? They freaking double ship 6 of the 9 books that I buy and one of those 6, X-Men Legacy, is being relaunched at $4 instead of the $3 it was previously. So this month I am paying an extra $24 to continue the monthly titles that I buy. That is so sickening, and yes, if this is what is to be expected then more freaking drops will be made.

And here I was a little excited about trying a few new titles, like Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Gambit, Indestructable Hulk, and Captain America. Well, I'm not even bothering with Hulk or Cap, I'm dropping Captain Marvel, and I'm going back and forth on Hawkeye.Gambit I was going to get the first issue of this weekend when I head to the shop but now I'm not bothering. It looks like I might also be finally squeezed out of reading X-Factor. I've not been enjoying it that much of late and if I have to drop a Marvel title or two that'll be one of them. X-Men has been hit and miss on my buying for a while now but I planned on getting caught up. I'm iffy on it now. Fortunately, Defenders is ending that month so that'll be one more done as well.

Speaking of ending... the book casualty list for November is: Defenders, Avengers, New Avengers, and Avengers Academy.

And it looks to me like A+X is basically just a renamed Marvel Team-Up featuring X-Men and Avengers characters (which is a majority of the Marvel Universe these days anyhow). That doesn't interest me so, fortunately, that's one I won't be bothering with.
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