Marvel's June 2013 Solicitations

Prodigy (New X-Men) is in Young Avengers 6!!! Man, I hope he stays.
X-Factor is ending? That's sooner than I thought it would.
- I'm just going to skip all of the Age of Ultron stuff to save money, but I'm intrigued by this controversial decision. I wonder if it's all hype or not.
- Avengers looks fantastic. I'm loving this long slow burn story idea.
- I'm looking forward to ANXM. I wonder what happens to make Cyclops and Havok fight each other! Teen Cyclops should just be happy that his brother is alive, and Havok shouldn't have a reason to fight a kid.
- The Iron Man 11 cover is quite creepy. That title looks good, even though I'm not reading it.
- I'm a little iffy on this Limbo arc in Uncanny X-men. Limbo stuff hasn't been my favourite.
- Yay for Prodigy! Young Avengers always has hilarious solicitations.
- Fantastic Four sounds rather Doomy. I'm excited since I've never read a good Doom story before, so I don't know what all the fuss is about.
- FF is :woot:
- God of Thunder #9 has the coolest Thor image I've ever seen. I want it as a poster!
- I love the Iceman cover for Astonishing X-men. I wonder what's up with Bobby? Sometimes I wished I picked Astonishing up because a team of Iceman, Gambit, and Northstar sounds awesome, but I've heard bad things.
- Mojo will be a villain in WatX? Can this title make me any less interested. But at least Bradshaw will be the artist!

Interesting month! Looks better than May.
I really wish they wouldn't call the Guardians galactic Avengers.
I really wish they wouldn't call the Guardians galactic Avengers.

Agreed. Handing out the "Avengers" title to everyone is really diluting the brand. I'm surprised we haven't renamed the X-Men yet.

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