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Nov 11, 2011
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Now that I re-read this it's slightly messy but still a fun read. I was going to send a Spider-Man script to Sony but Drew Goddard has crushed my dreams wahhhhhh. jk. Enjoy.

The newly resurrected Spider-Man SWINGS off the page jumping
straight off the screen as our NEW “30 year old” Spider-Man who lives in perpetuity is currently saving
the day. He leaps off the Daily Bugle and swings directly into the Amazing Fantasy 15 shot of the original appearance cover, catching a civilian.

He acts charming to his innocent victim. Through the thrushing air we can hear a familiar conversation.

SM: “So where do you have to go, where should I drop you off?

Victim #1: Red light!

SM dodges cars & his conversation doesn’t skip a beat.

SM: are you new in town? What's your name??

Victim #1: Gwen, Gwen Stacey

The Spider effortlessly navigates traffic conditions in NYC with his gorgeous female victim over his shoulder & swings her down to the ground, her high heels tilting as he swings back away.

Police radio pulls Spider-Man’s attention as he then zips away to tangle with the Hobgoblin.

Unknowingly chasing Ned Leeds under a mask, presumed deceased for 5 years Spider-Man is chasing him very confidently. He pins Leeds into a corner during their arial battle and prepares to wallop him, but the Goblin turns around, firing everything he’s got only to not see Spider-Man.

Spider-Man swoops from over head out of nowhere above Leeds’ head in a hurricanrana position to separate Leeds from his
glider. The Goblin pulls his blades to fight hand to hand but Peter Parker is 2 steps ahead the entire fight and disables Goblin’s each & any chance to defeat him, only for Spider-Man to pull off the Goblins mask.

Leeds defeated & exposed explains his disappearance and amounts his faked death to hating what Spider-Man & the Daily Bugle
had done to him… (Leeds worked as the Co-Editor of the Bugle & was shamefully fired for creating exaggerated stories of Oscorp experimenting on civilians & claiming there is a Secret Society within NYC) He seems almost frightened by Spider-Man’s every move, Ned is the classic coward villain letting the suit be a mask for his weakness he can’t even make eye contact with the lenses of the Spider-Man.

Spider-Man laughs and quips about never knowing who’s going to be under the hood. (There have been 3 versions of the HobGoblin in this universe. Spidey has quietly shut down Harry Osborn many times but has publicly humiliated Leeds & Roderick Kingsley for many years.


SM: You know what I have to do next right?
NL: Do you really have to SM?? We got history together.
SM: We’re not together often Ned I gotta tell ya these things never end well.
NL: Okay I understand, go ahead & just do it.

Spider-Man webs Leeds and swings away leaving Leeds upside down to be discovered
by the NYPD. Racing home to get to a disgruntled Mary Jane, Peter texts and swings
through the Manhatten streets. People saying "Hi!" to Spidey as he waits in traffic texting.
Just as the sweaty, maskless SM hits the window, MJ bounces up from the bed looking
perfectly gorgeous. Her red curls bouncing off of her green sweater, spiderman enmblazzed across her panties.

What Ned Leeds doesn’t tell SM about his disappearance is that once he was fired when he was exposed by Spider-Man, he was abducted on his walk home by Oscorp employees & brainwashed into becoming the new HobGoblin. Because of Leeds’ dense brain, it took 5 years to brainwash him after various failed attempts of sending him out under a mask to conduct test crimes. Norman Osborn had Leeds declared deceased so he could use him as his pawn against NYC, the Bugle, & SM. Leeds now lives a deceased member of society with his whereabouts only known to himself.

Dishes can be heard as we cut to Parker dodging attacks from Mary Jane playfully in their apartment. MJ argues with Peter over never being around and his dangerous activities protecting NYC. Peter explains that SM belongs to the city and he has a responsibility to protect everyone. As he shuffles through papers on his desk we see notepads and small pieces of paper littered around his desk with, “with great power comes great responsibility” obsessively scrawled all over them. Peter is driven, he believes he is a few months away or even a few battles away from cleaning up NYC for a long while. Mary Jane doesn’t see things that way and feels that she’ll never be married bc Peter is married to crime & his villains. She’s a scorned woman who bitterly buries herself in her day job & duties as a stage actress.
Each performance becoming more and more spiteful & intense.

As the camera focuses closer & closer on the repeated quote that haunts Peter Parker, his Spider-Sense tingles and he quickly leaps out of the window with MJ’s screams echoing behind him.

Maybe very quick music filled flashing scenes of Spidey saving people very quickly on the way to his mission.

We fade into a close up of Doctor Octopus’ belt and pan up to his maniacal grin. The Doctor is about to hatch his newest plan to overtake the city. Underground for some time the NYC streets have thrived on the absence of the 8 legged genius. His thick German accent rolls off of his tongue as he explains his plot.

He wants to abduct J Jonah Jameson, the new Mayor of NYC and hold him ransom at the old Oscorp Power Plant Facility. When SM comes to rescue him, Ock will unleash Carnage, the new Sinister Six member. Ock is about to christen his new creation, Carnage, a synthetic symbiote that acts on it’s own without a host. Carnage is birthed to keep SM busy while the Sinister Six hatch their plan to take over NYC. Ock explains his plan to Ned Leeds, the Sandman, the Scorpion, & the Vulture as he pushes buttons manipulating the red and orange liquid goo inside a containment chamber.

Unbeknownst to the villain, Spider-Man is stealth wearing his black suit crawling upside down on the ceiling. Just ask Ock is ready to push the button to release the last procedure that will breath life into the symbiote …...Spider-Man appears standing behind him. The Vulture screams “SPIDERMAN!”. Leeds’ head jerks around to see Spidey waving to him, he screams and runs away. The other villains jump into their fighting stance as Ock slowly but confidently turns around to greet the web crawler.

Spidey webs Ocks glasses blinding him & a HUGE fight ensues, tracking from the
inside and out of the power plant. Spiderman uses every villains powers against
themselves and is left with Doc Ock in a room of defeated SS members

As Parker defeats each villain he drags them from the far reaches of the power plant and places them in the middle lab where Doc lay disabled.

Ock gives a speech that this is the last battle SM will have to endure & that this is the end of the their troubles.
Spidey agrees and appears to have thrown in the towel. Only to swing just in time to
knock Ock out of the way and prevents him finishing the Carnage Protocol. SM thinks he’s won but one of Ock’s tentacles spirals up and presses the button to unleash Carnage. Spider frantically pulls the main nosel thats feeding life into the symbiote but the nosel all of a sudden turns into liquid Carnage as the
creature emerges from the chamber through the glass.

The Doc cowers as he frantically pounds buttons realizing his creation is out of his command. Carnage grows to full form, towering over Ock & SM. His teeth sharpen, the devilish eyes glisten, glaze over as he is about to eat Spider-Man, holding him in the air by his throat. Spider-Man cannot break the grip of the newly born symbiote as his head is in the open jaws of the alien creature. Just as the jaws are about to clench shut on Peter Parker’s head, a massive black web blast smashes Carnage in the face. Forced to release his grip, Carnage struggled to remove the black goo covering his face.

Eddie Brock is revealed standing on a steel beam over everyone in his Venom suit.

He’s saved Spider-Man only to have an allie in defeating Carnage & the SS as Brock has heard that Ock had used a pieced of Brock’s Venom suit to create this new ultra villain to kill SM & Brock so no one could stand in his way anymore.

The Symbioses prod and vibrate in each other’s presence, each being repelled from the other.

Ock springs to life as Carnage focuses his attention on Brock. SM has disappeared to behind Brock, Spideys suit almost torn off, his mask held together by strings. SM asks why Brock saved him only to have to start dodging Carnage attacks. Brock creates a web shield to block the Carnage dagger attacks as they make a pact for the battle and go on to use teamwork to defeat Ock and Carnage. Trapping Carnage back into his electrically charged chamber with Doc Ock. Leaving Ock to deal with his dastardly creation until the Police & Ravencroft task squad arrive.

That is the first 3rd of the movie. Peter Parker as Spider-Man is laid out, he’s been Spidey for years. The villains mostly all previewed. Mary Jane is shown as a frustrated girlfriend of Peter who resents SM but also understands the needs of the city. Eddie Brock, Betty Brant, & Peter are all employees at the Daily Bugle. JJ Jameson is still the E.I.C but is now the active Mayor of NYC. Aunt May lives on her own in Queens and is in Peter’s life but she still lives Queens bc she wants to stay out of the action since she has a strong feeling her nephew is SM.

Peter also teaches an advanced science class at the local university so he can afford his normal lifestyle while doing some freelance photography for the Daily Bugle. MJ waitresses during the day & works off broadway plays at night. Aunt May isn’t much of a factor in this storyline as she doesn’t work, she volunteers at shelters doing her own work to help the city. She is supported by Uncle Ben’s pension & Peter helps out with the bills.

Eddie Brock & Spider-Man were once perfect foes but now have an understanding after fighting to stale mates over the years. Spidey doesn’t interfere with Brock as long as he is abiding by the law and Brock doesn’t plot against Spider-Man bc he has turned over a new leaf and acts as a secondary vigilante to NYC.

We catch up with Spider-Man as he lands on a roof top. The larger body builder-esk Eddie Brock stands with his back towards SM. Brock senses Parker’s presence and turns around.

SM: Where are you going Brock?”

Spider-Man has responded to the local college of Manhattan. He decided to perch himself on the adjacent building and came up Brock scoping the place out.

***Dialogue between Venom & Spidey***

(Brock unsheethes the hood of the venom suit and quips to Spidey in a deep snarky voice)

Brock: Nothing beats the original Parker. (Spidey stands behind him in his black cloth suit.)

SM: Black’s slimming Brock…and yes, nothing beats the original. (Spidey holds from laughing)

(The Venom suit pulls its hood back over Brock's face)

Venom: Choose your words carefully Spider.

SM: Yeahhhhh I gotta stop talking to you like you’re not crazy.

Brock: We'll see you around SM, we have business to take care of.

SM: What about the the emergency at the school event?

Brock swings off with purpose, sounds of “We’ll see you around Spider-Man!” “We both will see you REAL soon Spider-Man!” “REAL SOON!"

Spidey: I thought Brock was back to normal for a second there, but what’s “normal” for Brock anyways?

Spidey checks his phone to see an angry text from Mary Jane. “WHERE ARE YOU????!!!!

SM types back a Spider-Man emoji

Spider-Man leaps of the building towards what sounds and looks to be a struggle going on in one of the college classroom building.

The beautiful NYC skyline buildings fade into a dark hallway. The camera slowly tracks down the hall. The screams of defeated villains slowly grow louder. Visions of epic battles between SM & the Rhyno, Scorpion, HobGoblin, Sandman, & Electro fade in and out as we walk down the hall towards double doors. The doors swing open and we pan through a very large table of villains only to stop and focus at the man standing at the end of the table.

Doc Ock the leader of the Sinister Six pooled his resources to create Carnage a super Symbiote to defeat SM in order to rule NYC. What SM,doesn’t know is that Ock is forming a Sinister 7 that includes Carnage, Ock, Vulture, Sandman, the Scorpion, & THE OSBORNS. This ALL out attack on the SM & his friends will keep their billion dollar plan in order. The Docs secret plan is that he needs a human host to control Carnage bc the synthetic symbiote is too unpredictable on its own, he needs someone ruthless but also someone that can take orders.

Now we begin to follow the Sinister Six building the Sinister 7.

Doc Ock rallies the troupes at a meeting of the minds. a dozen of SMs foes sit around a large table all beaten and battered and bandaged up. They all argue and almost get into a melee with each other but what is not known is that the Lizard is at the meeting of the minds to gather info for SM. The Llizard is SMs ace in the hole, acting as a villain but really siding with Parker in the fight for NYC. The 12 SM villains and acquaintances sit at the table discussing what the end of the Spiderman should be. They go through scenarios and bad ideas maybe even the audience would see the visualizations of these bad schemes.

At one point it's decided that the battered Ned Leeds will take over the mantle of the Scorpion. He's down troddened and angry he has to be another character in a suit and offers himself for the Carnage host instead. Ock tickles his ego and says the Scorpion suit is highly sought after and worth millions, Leeds can have it if he helps defeat Spider-Man. This leads to Leeds resentment of the S7

Dialogue of Doc Ock Announcing the New Scorpion & Ned Leeds Initiation
Doc: Now now everyone, settle down. I’d like to introduce everyone to the newest member of the Sinister Six, Ned Leeds…(Ned Stands up PROUD but Ock immediately says ANDDDD I’ll be announcing the NEW and IMPROVED Scorpion! Leeds sits down rejected.)
Everyone: What happened to Mac Gargan??? We loved that guy. I loved that guy. He was so funny. He really was a great Scorpion, the best Scorpion.
Doc: Well Mac’s incapacitated at the moment. (cut to Gargan in Ravencroft, out of his mind & crazy, sketching scorpions on his cell wall with his sharp finger nails.) BUTttttt. WE HAVE A NEWWWW SCORPION!

Everyone looks around at each other wondering who will don the very dangerous and unstable Scorpion costume.

Doc: Mr. Leeds….please stand up.
Ned Leeds eyes circle upward to Doc Ock, in surprise he stands up as if he’s won the Oscar for best villain.
Doc Ock: Mr. Leeds is our newest member and after being under the hood

Roderick Kingsley pokes his head up from the other end of the table. Scarred and mangled his eyes bug at the possibility of donning the scorpion costume.

RK: why Notta me??? I love a scorpions!
Kingsley pulls his sleeve up to show a tattoo of a scorpion.
RK: I hava the scorpion atattoo too!

All the villains turn their heads back to Doc Ock with his arm around Leeds unveiling the new scorpion costume. Black gold and green this aerodynamic human shield suit comes equip with a curved 10 foot mechanical tail with an electric stinger at the end. Doc Ock feigns out an act that would make Bob Barker jealous, giving his best American accent in going through the features of the costume.

Ned stands next to the costume and Ock tells him to try it on. As Ned tries to open the suit we check in with vulture & sandman sitting at the far side of the table. Sandman leans into Vulture...

Sandman: Why'd Octavious pick this weirdo?
Vulture: someone has to be sacrificed in the plan or Spiderman will never bite the bait.
Sandman: ahhhh I get it now.

Sand leaks off Flint Markos face with every smile and gesture. He quickly wipes it off the table as if he is embarrassed and trying to keep his cool in an OCD sort of way.

Roderick Kingsley leans in and asks what Marko said and Marko says "you're a *******, pound sand." And pounds his fist onto the table and wipes the sand into Kingsleys lap.

The Vulture laughs with a smirk and tosses sunflower seeds into his mouth.

We move down the table and see Alexi Sitszevich the Rhyno going over a paper drawing with the Chameleon Dimitri Nikolayesavich.

Max Dillion frantically calls his mother from a 3D electrical current modeled cell phone.

Hammerhead & the Jackal Dr. Warren Miles sit quietly next to each other. One laughing insesently while the other stairs grimly into space.

Lastly while very suspect of their silence, Harry & Norman Osborn sit across the table from one another. Avoiding eye contact. Avoiding all alterior motives they may have.

Ock finally gets Ned into the suit as the electronics come online the suits speaker begins to come into focus.

Suit: Host too weak, please finder someone with superior genetics immediately.

Ock tries to muffle the sound as Ned looks on puzzled. Ultimately Leeds feels comfortable in his new skin and takes off through the window. Not before pledging his allegiance to the newly formed Sinister 7.

Ock shows slides of Carnage host candidates and the group votes. They all decide on Kleetus Cassidy. A southern born serial killer freshly moved to Ravencroft Institute for insanity tests ahead of his trials.

We then cut to the newly branded S7 agreeing that they will attack Ravencroft to break Cassidy free.

We cut to a night time scene. Panning down over Ravencroft the 7 villains gather. Vulture by air, Sandman & Rhyno stomping up the truck bay ramp, Doc Ock & the Lizard tear through the front doors scaring every and all employee away.

The Doctor lifts Alistare Smythe off of his feet by his neck, gently & romancally as possibly.

Doc: where is he?
AS: who is he?
The Lizard pushes Ock aside and snarls in Smythes face.
Lizard: Casssidy.
Doc: Yes good doctor please direct us to Mr. Kleetus Cassidy, we have a opportunity for him.

Smythe goes to tell them the room number and the Lizard slams his head against the wall knocking him out.

Lizard: He's in the isolation bay, I can smell the blood beneath his finger nails.

Doc Ock: Lead the way Doctor Connors

Ock struts through the R&D of Ravencroft, all the off the books projects and experiments. We see failed Goblin designs amongst other strange apparatuses.

When the 2 Doctors reach Cassidy they are greeted by Sandman & Rhyno smashing down the cell wall. Cassidy just sits there, unamused.

Doc Ock: Young Kleetus Teller Cassidy my boy today is your lucky day. Cassidy's eyes grown large and red. The suit slithers it's way out of docs belt and and the two beings begin to bond. The pairing was destiny & the symbiote couldn't wait to be released. Cassidy knowing his human days were behind him sat in reflection as he knew a greater evil was ahead of him.

The two beings bond and wrestle about the room. Cassidy's soul trying to fight the evil being. As the symbiote hooks into Kleetus the other 2 villains come behind Ock & Connors.

Max Dillion reverts to human form & speaks:

MD: This is the same man who murdered an entire cell block on Rikers Island? And we're giving him the most dangerous weapon in the galaxy?

Doc Ock turns his head and lowers his glasses towards Dillion. Dillion cowers. Ock scared walks over to embrace Carnage with an arm around his shoulder.

Doc: Carnageeeee, can you hear me?
Carnage: Yes Doctor Octavious. I can hear you….. Why me?
Doc: Why Kleetus, you were the only choice for someone who was powerful enough to defeat… Spider-Man.
Carnage swipes Ocks hand off his shoulder and forms a 3 foot long Ice pick with his hand and says. There is no more Kleetus, there is only Carnage. I will bring Carnage to Spider-Man's front door. He will be not a Spider nor a man, anymore.
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We cut to Peter Parker gleefully having a fun time at a picnic at Aunt May’s house the next day. He throws the football with the neighborhood kids as MJ trots from the house with the days newspaper.

MJ: Peter! Peter! Did you see this??? Dr. Smyth. Dr. Smy—
Peter: Oh whats that old codger up to now?
MJ: Nothing anymore. He’s dead Peter.
Peter turns to Mary Jane just in time to get hit in the head with a football.

He was so surprised his Spider Sense didn’t alert him in time.

Peter: How did he die?
MJ: They say a tragic boating accident.
Peter thinks internally about Smythe being killed harmlessly by his own boat and in turn turning into Boat-Man and attacking all of the boats on the harbor.
MJ: Peter! Theres something wrong here Peter. They say Smythe was working with that serial killer guy Kleetus Cassidy. I know you tell me to keep my nose out of your Spider Business but Peter this isn’t right here. All of a sudden they ship this psycho into New York and the man working with him is found dead?

Before Mary Jane can finish her sentence she looks over to Peter only Peter isn’t there anymore. We cut to Spider-Man changing his suit on a roof top.

Parker: Why would Smyth be on a boat this time of year? It’s football season, in New York. Who has a boat in New York? This is to much of a coincidence. Smythe gets tasked with housing a murdering nut job and he’s dead a day later?

Just as Peter is working out his thoughts Venom lands on the roof behind him. The suit unsheathes and Brock starts talking:

EB: You know what I’m thinking don’t you Parker.
PP: Yup. Go down to Ravencroft and start sniffing around.
EB: I’m 2 steps ahead of you. I know why Smythes dead.
PP: How? Who would even tell you anything Brock your a Chatty Cathy
EB: Alright Parker I guess I’ll just keep it to myself, tell me how Ravencroft works out for ya.
PP: Okay okay Brock whats the deal? Who’s butt to I have to kick to avenge a murder this time.
EB: Actually….theres a lot of butts involved so your going to need my help Parker.

Brock snides as he knows Parker needs his help but wants Parker to eagerly agree to needing Brock for something big for a change.

EB: You owe me one Parker, I saved your ass from that Carnage.
PP: Cute name Brock did you come up with that yourself?
EB: Yeah you’re right but it wasn’t me that came up with it, your buddy Octavious is looking to end you pal.
PP: Eight Legs Daddy Long Legs is trying to end me? Ha.
EB: Well he had his new pal Cassidy bond with Carnage & he’s added 1 more to the Sinister Six. You’re dealing w the Sinister 7 now bud.
PP: ahahahaha what about the Sinister 8-9-10-11, don’t these guys realize I beat them everytime?
EB: Not this time pal. This Carnage fella isn’t to be messed with, he’s not gonna beat you up, malfunction and give up. He’s going to impale you Parker. Then you can kiss your Granny, your job, & your sweet little, MJ, good bye.

Spider-Man swings off to check out Ravencroft, not believing Brock about how serious the situation is.
The ending involved Ned Leed's striking out on his own as the Scorpion thinking he could take Spider-Man himself. Leed's battles Venom and when Venom hits Leed's in the face with the symbiote after being in a weakened state he accidentally reveals Spidey is Peter Parker.

Leed's abducts Mary Jane and holds her in a apartment. She is too smart for the dull Leed's and convinces him not to tell the Sinister 7 who Spidey actually is. Leed's begins falling for Mary Jane and comes up with the plan to become Spiderman after the Sinister 7 kill Parker.

Meanwhile the Sinister 7 destroy Spider-Man in battle. Brock watches on in amusement. Parker is battling all 7 members so hard that almost his entire Spider suit is ripped off and he battles in a mask and what can barely be called pants.

Leeds has been nagged and prodded by Mary Jane so badly that Leed's heads into battle and unravels the Sinister 7's plan just enough to let Spidey get the upper hand and win...not even knowing that Mary Jane saved the day while Spidey got his ass handed to him.

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