Marvel's screwy power ratings on

Intelligence: 6= Super genius. Genius in almost every field possible. This would mean, not only would Peter have to possess scientific genius (which even that is questionable; he is talented but not a genius) but also genius in mathematics, art, literature, every form of science possible. His IQ would also have to be 1 in 3 million. Parker is smart, but not that smart.

Peter Parker invented his own extremely affordable chemical compound with a tensile strength as great as steel yet able to be compacted down into small cartridges, while also crafting sophisticated wrist-mounted mechanical delivery devices for the substance so small that they can barely be seen when he's wearing thin, skin tight sleeves and gloves, when he was 15 years old He also invented a device which could tap into a to that point nonexistant extra sensory perception his powers granted him with a tiny tracer. Yes, he is a $#%&ing genius. To date, he has shown knowledge of physics, radiation, chemistry, biology (the dude studied an alien substance for years since it was bonded to him. Do you have any idea how complicated an alien life-form would be if we ever find one? Off the $%@$#@ charts, that's how complicated). "Genius in almost every field possible" probably isn't a standard that includes things like art and literature, and it also includes the word "almost". Nobody would debate that Reed Richards is a genius, but even he needed Doc Ock's help once, and he certainly doesn't know enough about human psychology to notice things like his wife walking out the door.
Yeah, Spideys the dumbest Super Genius alive.

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