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The Comics Mary Jane Joins the Supporting Cast of INVINCIBLE IRON-MAN


Mar 17, 2015
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INVINCIBLE IRON MAN kicks off this October with Mary Jane Watson joining the cast in December!

Mary Jane Watson has spent decades swinging with Spider-Man, but come December, she’s upgrading.

Beginning with INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #4, MJ will become a regular member of Tony Stark’s supporting cast in an unexpected new role. Writer Brian Bendis pounced on the opportunity to integrate Marvel’s most famous redhead into the Armored Avenger’s world when it presented itself.

“We were at one of our glorious Marvel publishing retreats and certain characters got brought up, sometimes almost accidentally, and I found out that nobody had anything going on with Mary Jane,” recalls Bendis. “I sat with that for a while and I always go to this place in my head where I [wonder] what the most interesting thing I would like to see that character do now and it fell right into the ideas I was already cooking for Tony Stark.”

While these two Marvel mainstays have met and interacted, their dynamic in this All-New, All-Different landscape will take many by surprise.

“They know each other,” Bendis affirms. “She used to live in Avengers Tower. But that’s all I’m going to say for now because what kind of relationship they end up having is a big part of what I would like people to buy the book for. But what I can tell you is that it is new territory for both Tony and Mary Jane. And that is pretty exciting to write.”

“I [have] spent most of my time at Marvel writing the teenage version of Mary Jane [in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN],” he continues. “This is a grown-up woman who has been through a lot. She seems like one of those characters that went down certain paths that may not have panned out the way she hope; and she’s ready for a kick ass second act.”


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