Mattchew's fanart thread 3.0... *****ing out, hardcore style.


Nov 3, 2005
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So... my thread was, again, on it's way to getting annoyingly big on account of all my progress shots.

I thought I'd repost all my finals in a new thread so they're easier to sift through/ignore.

This is where I'll be posting stuff in the future, as well.

For the present, sorry for the dual threads, but the old one will die off soon enough.
Here's my entry from November 06's dino-themed fan art contest... A raptor as Robin:

Here's my entry for the contest to make a splash page... Basically it's an excuse to mock the ****ty 'Catwoman' movie:

Here's my entry for the 'X3' themed contest...

Here's my entry for June's 'Superman' themed contest...

Here's my entry for July's contest where the idea was to do a take on an iconic moment from a movie or comic...

Here's my take on Strom I did for August's free for all contest...
For anyone who watched the 6th or 7th seasons of 'Big Brother' in the States, I kinda had Janelle in mind while doing this one.

Here's just a random Human Torch pic I did...

Again, here's a random pic I did of goth Supergirl...

Here's a pic I did becasue I wanted to do a Nightcrawler pic, but thought it would be funny to do him as a *****ie surfer guy...

Well, since you asked... till now I have been posting only stuff related to comics that I've done in Photoshop. Here's a pic of a 'Drunken Santa' card I mass produced (I made around 40) for my friends and (non-FOX-News-watching) family this past December:


As you MIGHT be able to tell, X-Mas... Not my favorite holiday. I did the initial drawing with markers and each body part was seperate on the page. I had color copies made on heavy paper. Then I spent endless hours (about 15 mins per card) constructing them: the arms and legs dangle back and forth AND when you pull his hat he pukes... Happy Holidays!
Here's a pic of this year's xmas card... The idea was to have Santa and Jesus arm wrestling... not sure why exactly, but what are you gonna do.

December's fanart conest was a free-for-all, with the option of doing a xmas themed pic... I'm not the biggest xmas fan (see: previous posts of xmas cards), so I went more 'free for all' with it, doing a pic of Rogue and a Sentinel...

This is the result of being f-ing bored around the holidays...
This wasn't for one of the monthly contests... Just completely random.

So here's another pic that I did for no reason in particular...
An attempt at Poison Ivy taking down Bats.

I read somewhere that Ivy's design in 'BTAS' was based on those classic pin-up models, so I tried to follow suit and put here in a similar pose.

So I realize this isn't 'fan art' by any stretch, but I've been posting random stuff in this thread already, so having said that...

I make cheesy valentine's day cards for all my friends every year. There's generally a theme, and I try to make them look like the stupid V-day cards you exchange as a little kid.

One year I did 'Arrested Development' V-Day cards....

Another year I did 'Battlestar' cards...

While this will surely miss with 95% of you out there, this year I'm doing Valentines Day cards based on the TERRIBLY wonderful movie 'Mommie Dearest'. It's kinda a cult classic... especially with the gays, for some reason.

If you have a REALLY sick sense of humor that allows you to laugh a terrible acting (even when the performances are portraying a true story of child abuse) you should probably got rent this train wreck of a film... No seriously... go now.

Having said all of that, here are the series of 'MD' cards I'm sending out...






If you haven't seen this movie, you're not gonna come even close to appreciating these cards, but if you're a fan... let me know what you think...
In my boredom, i thought I try to do a as-close-as-I-could-pull-off on model version of my FAVORITE Disney villain ever... here's my take on a drunken Ursula:

So I a laying to rest this whole Thundercats thing....

Here's My take on Snarf and the final group shot...


Departing a bit from my more recent stuff...

I had to enter the fanart contest this month (March), as the theme was too good to pass up.

The this is to design a costume for a character from 'Heroes'.

I was torn between doing something with Either Claire or Nikki/Jessica, but in the end, I decided to do Jessica, since healing isn't so easy to capture in a still image.

Here's my take on Jessica (Nikki's in a mirror somewhere):

well, deep_thinkin suggested I do a wolverine pic, and as I've never even doodled him, I thought I'd give it a go...

I realized very quickly his head is a b!tch to draw, but here's the final result...



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