MCU Tag Team Battle: M'Baku, Agent 13 & Melinda May Vs Emil Blonksy (Super Soldier)

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MCU Tag Team Battle: M'Baku, Agent 13 & Melinda May Vs Emil Blonksy (Super Soldier)

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  1. M'Baku, Agent 13 & Melinda May

  2. Emil Blonksy (Super Soldier)

  1. Iron_Stark

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    Super Solider with guns? One hand gun would be all he needs.

    Hand to hand, like they say, speed kills. About the whole argument about how Usain Bolt would do in a fight? It's incomparable, he's not a fighter.

    Blonsky is a trained fighter, he said it himself, they didn't recruit him for his personality, he's obviously a fighter and a weapons expert.

    hand to hand, he wipes the floor with the three.

    Blonksy rather easily.
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  2. jolldan

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    A much closer fight than I originally thought. Still got to side with Blonsky but I wouldn't say its a stomp.

    If we are going with standard gear they operate with its likely Blonsky, May and Agent 13 are all armed and I wouldn't have thought Blonsky was quite bullet dodging levels of speed so he can't just sprint at them wildy.

    M'Baku is the wildcard as well as lets be honest Blonsky see's him with his standard gear its looks very primitive so that at the very least could surprise Blonsky and im not sure if he was shown to have it or not but many Wakandan's seemed to have shields built in to their clothes.
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