Mega Man's Franchise's

Two things.

First, why is this in the Nintendo section?

Second, it's complete nonsense. There are many, many other large franchises that don't have this problem. It's just an excuse for the increasingly poor management at Capcom.
I was looking for a place to put this and had a hassle making up my mind and then i remembered there was a Mega Man legends thread in the Nintendo section. and that was the last part of this franchise that was dropped so it seemed fitting it should be there.

So I thought I'd drop this there. And then it became hard to find in search even though there was a thread of that, I saw some time back. But I hate how it takes so lon
g to find some thing like that when you look it up and it's not easy to find any more all of a sudden. So I just put it here. other wise I'd be in search for hour's / most of the night. and then 2 days would have past before I posted this and it'll be moot.

On the topic of this franchise I agree with you.
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Can Nintendo please buy Mega Man from Capcom...
I think there are better companies than Nintendo to handle Mega Man, but Nintendo would certainly be preferable to Capcom at this point.
By his logic Mario should've been a dead franchise long ago.

They just need a couple really good games and a good univers. I'd like to see a 3D world and see the character evolve some. Hopefully they'll do him justice in that 10 year plan.
Mega Man X was probably the best transition to new hardware I've seen regarding this series. Hell, he could easily be rebooted into a third person actioner/platformer if they wanted.
I'd murder for a Mega Man X game infused with Platinum Games' Vanquish.
Mega Man Legends Singer Rearranges Theme Songs For 15th Anniversary

September 11, 2012 . 10:50amReika Mori****a gave “Your Wind is Blowing” and “another sun” to Capcom for Rockman Dash, better known as Mega Man Legends in the West. This year is Mega Man Legends’ 15th anniversary and Mori****a is celebrating by releasing rearranged versions.

Capcom is too focused on being dark and edgy right now.
Why exactly can't Mega Man be dark and edgy? Mega Man Zero pulled it off.
Why does Mega Man need to be grimdark? Not that I'm totally against that, necesarily. Mega Man X was darker and edgier than OG Mega Man.

  • Capcom Warns Fans To "Keep Expectations In Check" For A New Mega Man Game


    on Sep 15, 2012 at 05:23 PM

    Mega Man is celebrating his 25th Anniversary this year, but that doesn't mean we will see a new Mega Man game or an announcement soon.
    ... More
I already grew tired of expecting something.
The way they treat Mega Man, I'm really surprised they celebrate his 25th Anniversary at all.
Trailer for Rockman X Over:



Breaking Bad fans will get it.
Trailer for Rockman X Over:



Breaking Bad fans will get it.

Rockman X Over? The irony is overwhelming. You really can't tell it means crossover right off the bat. Pretty crappy marketing in my opinion.
They love trolling us with Mega Man ****, don't they. First in that TekkenxStreetFighter, now this.
Shouldnt this be in the multiplatform section?
I don't think Megaman went wrong. Sonic went wrong. Megaman is still enjoyable. I really liked MM 9 &10, and the DS Megaman (XZ or something like that). I think the problem is Capcom. Their ridiculous DLC money grab bogged 10 down in mini DLC's that didn't add much. Plus Capcom either won't listen to fans demands for a new Legends, or MM X style console game, or views the property so poorly they don't care to release MM outside of fighting game cameos. Sonic went wrong long ago, and never bounced back. Megaman rarely even gets a title on consoles to even have a chance to go wrong (this gen, as there were atleast a handful of games last gen.

Can Nintendo please buy Mega Man from Capcom...

Ugh...please no. I already have missed out on too many Zelda's because Nintendo's consoles haven't been appealing to me since Gamecube (which again...I mainly purchased for Windwaker, lol). I don't want to miss out on Megaman too. I do think Nintendo would handle it better than Capcom though, as anything would be an improvement over the current limbo MM is in. I think we'd also see as many MM minigames, and sports/olympics cameos as serious MM titles if Nintendo owned the franchise.
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