Men... you're guaranteed to get the women crazy with these clothes!!!!!

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This thread was awesome.

It still can be...

has it been established that this is not an entirely heterosexual clothing store? the ambiguity is killing me
Personally, I will be sending off for a pair of Sparkling Lounge Pants as soon as I finish typing this. I cannot tell you how long I have been searching for a pair just like this...


" With the holiday season fast approaching, it's time to set aside those ordinary, unadorned pajamas and break out the glitter and sparkle. Faux fly. Elastic waistband. 34" inseam. Hand wash."

Good. Gravy.

lol... I actually have those... lol

they are really comfortable...
You'd wear the coat...but you think the rest of the outfit is gay?:huh: lol...
yeah, and it's gay as a whole too
but the coat taken away from the rest is kinda cool :D
I counted 3 things, 3 THINGS on that site that weren't vomit inducing
I had this grad school professor--he was an ex-NFL player, big time outdoorsman, country boy at heart, devout Christian . . . just a hoss of a man. Anyway, he got injured and had to go in the hospital. So, I and a couple of my classmates decided to get him an International Male catalog for him to read while he was in the hospital as a gag gift. He thought it was a hilarious gift, and then he told us to take it away so his daughters wouldn't stumble upon it.

I remember telling the cashier "I swear this isn't for me" and giving her the whole story about the professor. I don't remember her name or even what she looked like, but to this day, I really hope she believed me. :csad:
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