Men... you're guaranteed to get the women crazy with these clothes!!!!!

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Equint77 said:
just when I think it can't get worse..... I find this.

That shirt would look hot on a girl.
Lord Kipobe said:
That shirt would look hot on a girl.

I think it was originally made for the female body but this guy said EF it and just posed in it anyway.
Princess Mangina said:
i would of but i dont get it.

I have a feeling before this day is over.. you'll post one of those damn jock straps up. :p
^^^ I'd mock the hell out of a guy if I saw him wearing that outside ^^^

then you could see pee trickling down his leg :)
just awful..

and the drawing of the "backview" is beyond unnecessary.
some of these guys have bigger breasts than some women I've seen :(
i'm surprised no one's commented on this monstrosity.

I don't get it, why are their penis' (what is the plural to penis? peeni? penis'? penises? anyway...) why are they in the shape of tennis balls? It's like they coiled them or something.
I will wear anything if it gets me her

pirate shirts and yellow thongs will NOT get you her.

(and what a breath-taking pic,btw :eek: )
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