Metal Monstrosities - The Official Sentinels/Project Wideawake thread

Retroman said:
Could be. Could also be Alcatraz, Alkali Lake or even Muir Island

Also, it could be used for Worthington Company Building and possible X-Mansion stuff (depending on what they are shooting).

It would be nice if some of the miniature stuff was for the Sentinels though.

My dream may be coming true
Using the versions you want, we'll end up with something like this.


I'd like there to be both versions..some that are small and more stealthy, and have them create some large Master Mold types that they don't release until the end in an order to get rid of all of them in one fell swoop.
A poster on the always reliable HNR forums posted the following update on a robot thats been made as we speak confirming XMF's big foot spoiler.

From the HNR forums:

enigma Today, 10:59 PM
One of my friends is building the Golden Gate/ Alcatraz set ( which the crew call "hell") and the rumour is one of the super villians pushes the Golden Gate bridge into Alcatraz. Filming on this set is set for October & November 2005 (Mon-Fri) but I was assured that most of the set will be covered and under very tight security. A friend in sculpting was busy making a foam replica of a "robot/machine" head that gets knocked of and latex boots for Halle...(jealous I am)..I am trying to wrangle a pass to the set...keep fingers & toes crossed.
Emma_ismy**** said:
lol YES ROBOT MACHINE HEAD! that just makes me giddy hearing that!lol

It also confirms rather old news too.
The lady told you to back off, geez. Are we going to have to call Mods on you in every thread?
Thank God this thread got bumped up,so many STUPID threads being created as of late.

Good work as always Retro.Sounds friggin' awesome.I wonder if the Sentinels will be involved in the Alcatraz scene.

"Pushes Golden Gate Bridge into Alcatraz." -- holy crap that sounds like some serious property damage.
terry78 said:
Using the versions you want, we'll end up with something like this.

Is that sentinel... smaller than Wolverine?

As of now, I honestly don't think the sentinels will be in X3. If they are, yay. However, I'm not getting my hopes up. I'll believe it if/when I see the promo photos.
In my opinion (of course) they shoul introduce the Sentinels, just like Raimi is planing to do with Venom in Spider-Man:spidey: , but got to make it real big, i mean really big you know. And of course have :wolverine cut their heads of on X4.
What do you guys think?
not to sound like a dick, but was it really necessary to make a thread on this??? or at least in the spoiler section?

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