Meteorite falls in Russia's Chelyabinsk region; 1200 injuries and structural damage


Jan 4, 2008
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Apparently 4 people were injured by gasses, splitting off of the fall.
Video showing impact:


Hitting a meteor with a missile seems like a rather difficult task. Also, the missile hit a meteor, not a meteorite. Technically, it isn't a meteorite until after it hits the ground (or water, etc.).
Holy Smackadoly...!

And this is barely a mosquito bite compared to what he Earth has endured over its lifespan.
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Holy crap. How weird. I had a dream about the 1908 Tunguska event last night...

The Mysterious Tunguska Event - Carl Sagan


Carl Sagan was the man (RIP). One of the more out-there theories about the event (and one I don't believe, but I'm amused by) is that it was caused by Nikola Tesla experimenting with some energy weapon.
Russian scientists are saying that it's very likely a few more are going to enter the Earths atmosphere in the next few hours...

Um not good...

*9:36 GMT: There is a high chance that another meteorite could enter the Earth’s atmosphere in the next few hours, Sergey Smirnov from Pulkovo Observatory told Vesti news channel.
P.S: I know meteors are constantly hitting our atmosphere but I assume he's referring to ones making it through our atmosphere and actually causing some damage.

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