Microsoft General Manager on Bungie, Bizarre, Bioware

Way to go, ******s.

This is why I'm better than GFreeman, by the way.
I thought it was because you were pure...?
When's the last time you posted a news story about sexual defecation, or infant murder? Oh yeah, never. I rest my case WHF.
But what really counts is my phenomenal, unmatched contributions. Just look at this post count!
Fine, you can be boss of the e-mob. But still, my post count would be comparable I think, if it weren't spread so thin across 500+ accounts.
E-penis size is decided by the number of consecutive bans you've had. Which means mine has it's own gravity. I win.
E-penis size is decided by the number of consecutive bans you've had. Which means mine has it's own gravity. I win.
Well I considering I was Solid Snake, BYrKee and Rizpower, I've got you owned.
I've been playing my Zenien, THWIP, Dacman, Fenrir, and Phaser accounts against each other for years. I am victorious!
You are overlooking the fact that during the "WhatsReadDenton" account I became you, and therefore all subsequent iterations of you were also of me. So being as my older account is active, I am the biggest entity on the internet, accounting for 95% of the posts on this entire board.
Who was it that thought we were the same, spiderdogg?
It was someone like Spiderdogg, but not. I think the name was more like "Guacamole" than anything else.
While we're on this topic, I'd just like to say that Phaser and Fenrir are the same person.
Fenrir is the slightly younger version of Phaser. Phaser is the richer, more blunt version of Fenrir. But they are exactly the same otherwise.

Much in the same way that the only difference between JCD and DRT was how JCD was Russian.
JC Denton also wrote don't instead of dont. And I always tried to make him stretch his sentences on for way too long by jam packing them with unnecessary words, where as DRT's posts mostly became "**** you" or "eat my ***, dumbass" in his later years. The other one, Durandal I think, was my favorite though, even though he only lasted about a month. His belief that Far Cry was photo realistic on the PC brought joy to my heart.
What are you guyz babbling about? :confused:
What are you guyz babbling about? :confused:

Oh, hi Phaser. We're just talking about the intricacies of multiple identities.

Anyway, Durandal was a jackass. He was a complete jerk and his love of Farcry was made even more pronounced by his intense hatred of THWIP, which caused the biggest argument a PC thread has ever seen.

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