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The Walking Dead Mid-Season Withdrawal Lounge


The Night He Came Home...
Dec 16, 2007
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Because every section needs a lounge, and I'm already bummed there isn't a new episode tonight.
The wait is killing me already!
I am not sure which I am more eager in seeing. The next episode or issue of the TWD.
I think it may be time for me to catch up on the comics series. I've been putting that off for some time.

I'm glad I just started getting into the show , I can't imagine what it must of been like to wait in between the last couple seasons . February can't get here soon enough.
AMC, you fudgers shoulda put Breaking Bad back on here to bridge the gap!
Man, it's kinda weird not having TWD tonight.
Ugh, I know. Nothing good on TV tonight either. I know they are supposedly still filming the last bits of the season and stuff, but man I wish we only had to wait till after the holidays. Second week of January would be great, but it would just make the wait for Season 4 longer.
Out of instinct, I went into my DVR menu to play TWD and then remembered that there was no new episode today. :csad:
It's pretty hard for me. I just started watching about two weeks ago. I did marathons for each of the three seasons so, now that I'm all caught up, this is the first time I've had to wait.
I saw a leaked photo and thought it was huge spoiler , but then saw that it was from an early episode. Thank god because the zombie looked like one of the main characters.
Anyone played the Walking Dead game yet?
The game where you use cut up body parts to warn your friends not to follow you, and then kill them with a katana if they don't listen?

Sure, I've played it. My favorite game. :o
The Tell-Tale game? I want to play it, but I haven't played a Tell-Tale game since I couldn't get Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse and Tales of Monkey Island to play on my PC. :/ I have a really old computer and apparently since they were so successful with S&M 1 and 2 they were able to finally outdo my system requirements with the graphics (which shows you how old my computer is). I did play Tales of Monkey Island on my sister's computer but I have yet to play Sam & Max 3, which honestly was the reason I started playing their games in the first place, the Sam & Max series, since I loved the comic book and cartoon and the '94 game, so I've basically sworn off buying their games until I get a new computer.

EDIT: I'm aware they're on PS3, but...I dunno, I just want to play them on PC. They just seem like PC games to me and I can't imagine playing them with a controller.
last Sunday, I got really excited thinking it was the midseason finale. then I realized that the mid season finale was 2 weeks ago
The Telltale Walking Dead game is fantastic. It won Game of The Year at one award show
I'm a new fan of The Walking Dead and just got done going through the season 2 DVD's last week. I recorded season 3 on the DVR and figured I'd watch one episode a week so I wouldn't have to wait till Feb for my walker fix like the rest of you.

But nope....I couldn't pace myself. I plowed through all the season 3 episodes yesterday. This show is way too awesome, I couldn't control myself! And now I gotta wait like the rest of you. Lame!
I'm missing talking some walking dead with you guys. I did have a thought though.. Once the show picks back up in February and runs for two or so months. By the time it's over we'll only have about two months till breaking bad and man of steel. Not to shabby.

My wife gave me Compendiums 1 & 2 for Christmas! That should keep me busy for a few weeks.
Got a steam card for Christmas, so I bought the TWD game. Havent gotten to play it yet though

My wife gave me Compendiums 1 & 2 for Christmas! That should keep me busy for a few weeks.

Depend son your reading time, but I breezed though the first one in a couple of days because I got so into it.
I finish playing episode 3 (the Telltale game) and man this is brilliant. It captured the intensity of the comics so perfectly.
I need new episodes, you mother****ers!!!! :cmad::cmad::cmad:

Sadly its time to dust this bad boy off the shelves... Im so not looking forward to my withdrawals which are all but certain!
I'll probably be feeling the withdrawal for the first with this series. Mostly because they decided to take the most interesting stuff happening on the show and put it on the back burner for three episodes and as many months so they could deal with The Governor.

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