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The Exorcist has so many knock off and demonic possesion inspired movies that it will be hard to
I almost feel like the most promising sign that he’s not going to just regurgitate all the same **** as the other Exorcist sequels/Exorcist-inspired films is looking at what he did with The Haunting of Hill House and The Fall of the House of Usher.

Didn’t really adapt either in a straight forward way (and after a certain point, horror sequels are at least 90% adaptations of the original films anyway) and twisted both Shirley Jackson’s book and various works of Poe to craft his own narrative. And if he’s gonna take those kinds of liberties with stories that haven’t been beaten like a dead horse, I feel safe in saying that “Oh look, another possessed adolescent girl” probably won’t be the crux of his film.
I agree. We already have Exorcist prequels, sequels, tv spin offs and a number of other demonic possession Exorcist influenced movies.

Evil dead rise did the demonic possession family drama thing pretty well.

I feel like the Exorcists biggest strength was the vibe it had.
There's even one coming out this weekend.


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