The Dark Knight Rises Miranda and the editing of last scenes (spoilers)


Jan 3, 2007
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Not sure if it has been mentioned before, but was there some sloppy editing in this movie? The thing I'm bugged about most is at the end with Miranda.

She got caught with Gordon and was put on trial by Crane. They get the death by exile punishment and then Bane tells his goon to take Miranda to him.

Next scene Miranda is suddenly with Fox.

Then next scene with Gordon on the ice and Batman saving them, Gordon tells Batman that Bane took Miranda.

(Then Batman finds Bane and Miranda in that building, just before being stabbed by here).

But I'm wondering why they would show Miranda being taken away by Bane, then appearing by Fox and then Gordon saying Bane took her.
Offcourse Gordon didn't know much about her fate at that moment, but why would show Nolan Miranda next to Fox. This is already a giveaway that something was wrong with her. It looked more like the scene with Fox was meant to happen before she got caught, and they decided to plac that scene to later moment in the movie.
There's already a Miranda thread somewhere...
yeah, but that one is about the character. This one is about the editing of her final Miranda scenes.

But if this is posted incorrectly, my apologies. Please move it to the rigt topic then.
What's the scene with Fox and Miranda you're referring to?

The one that comes to mind is when Bruce sneaks in and asks Fox to get him back in the game. But that definitely came before the Gordon exile scene.
Can't remember what they exactly did, but I know it was Fox and Miranda together. Someone check a bootleg or watch the movie again to see what they were talking about.
I noticed this as well. Someone edited these scenes in the wrong order. Hopefully someone notices and fixes it for home release. Miranda is taken by Bane and the next scene she's with Fox and Bruce hiding out. One could argue that this is her finding out information but its messy and made me think about it while I should have been enjoying the finale.
What got me was when she said "Kill them all" cut to Matthew Modine's character dead on the ground.
If I recall it goes something like this:

Gordon and Tate on trial.
Bane has Tate brought to him.
Bruce lets himself get captured and taken to where they're holding Fox and Tate.
Selina comes for Bruce and Fox. "Bane wants these two for himself." Tate remains behind.

It felt like something was out of order the first time I saw it, so I made a special point to take note the second time. I'm pretty sure I've got it in the right order, and if that's the case then there really isn't an error (though I admit it might be a little strange that Bruce asks Gordon where Tate is even though he'd just seen her). If I've got it out of whack please let me know.

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