Missing a payment on your bills?


Apr 23, 2005
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So I know I'm not the first person, nor will I be the last, to miss a payment on my bills.

I'm just curious what actions need to be taken on my end. I'm short on a bill (I owe $110, I only have $40 left for the next 2 weeks until I get paid again), and I am already late, so I am going to miss my payment. I've been late on payments before, but never flat out missed one. Normally, if I need it, my parents lend me money, but considering that the bill I'm behind on is just my cable / internet, it's not really a necessary expense, and since I've already recently borrowed some money, I hate to ask for more just to make sure my TV doesn't get shut off.

Is it a situation where I should try to call them and tell them my situation?
Your TV won't get shut off. You'll get a late notice, and there will be a small late notice fee. Usually not a big deal. If you don't pay the bill before next month's bill is due, they'll just lump this month's bill and the late fee onto next month's bill. It usually takes a few months before they'll shut you off. Cable companies are desperate to keep most customers these days.
Since it's just for cable/internet I wouldn't worry too much. They usually send out a warning or two before they shut it off. As long as you can pay it when you get paid next you should be fine, just make sure to make an online payment if possible so it goes through faster.
If you use Comcast, your cable probably will get shut off, they can't wait to turn off service. When you get the money, I'd suggest just calling and paying over the phone, if you're service is cut off it'll come back on pretty quickly.
I always find it to be in good form to call them up and let them know. Sometimes, they'll end up nixing the late fee.

Just make sure you DO pay all that you end up owing, because you don't want a collection agency to be knocking on your door.
Definitely call them up and talk to them about the situation. maybe they can work something out. Plus not paying bills can hurt your credit score.
I would call them and let them know but most places don't want to give our their policy on disconnection for non-payment because they don't want their customers to wait until the last second to pay.
Just call the customer support and tel them whats' up. They may try and set up a payment plan, they may be *******s and say no dice. But so long as you did let them know they can't come back and make like you didn't.
Seems like a moot point anyways. It's crazy how perfect stuff works out sometimes.

So I needed $70 to be able to pay my bill. I go to work tonight, and make $68 in tips. I have never had a night that good in tips at my restaurant, so now with spare cash I have laying around the house, I can scrounge up enough money to pay my bill with.

Except for some reason it won't let me log into my ComCast account online now :(

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