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Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate


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Jan 9, 2011
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I am so excited for this game. I already have a 3DS so I am definitely going to be getting that version of the game to play offline campaigns on. But with rumored extra content for the Wii U version and online game play I think I will be buying that console and the game come March. If anyone is interested in hunting with me I usually keep the same name for all my Monster Hunter characters which is Roon. I look forward to hunting online with some of you in the future as this game will be chock full of old Freedom Unite Monsters, Tri Monsters, Portable 3rd Monsters and a few new ones exclusive to this game as well as all the weapon classes being represented in it. I am just so impatient now just waiting for March to come!!

Here's some of the footage from the NYCC from Capcom Unity of the Wii U version of this game.
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I'm looking forward to this, but I think this thread probably belongs in the Nintendo section.
If a Mod could move this to the appropriate forum that would be nice.
It is sooo close! March 31st can't come soon enough for me!
If anyone is interested I think on February 22 Capcom is releasing a demo of Tri Ultimate on the 3DS and WiiU so check it out!
It's on the 3DS as well. What's with the system prejudice eh? I've been playing it since last Tuesday and I have to say it is a vast improvement over Tri. Heck, it's a vast improvement over Portable 3rd. By not playing it you are missing out on a fun game.

Ha ha! This is me right here!
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