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Oct 31, 2006
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Let’s talk Moondragon! Let’s be honest, every time I see a “what do you want to see in the next guardians of the galaxy flick” thread moondragon’s name keeps popping up.

So who would you say? I would love to see Sarah Paulson get the gig. She is just an incredible actress

I don't know, isn't she a bit too old to play Drax's daughter? Then again, I guess you could argue that the movie version of Moondragon doesn't necessarily have to be Drax's daughter, especially because the latter seems to be Dead For Real in this universe.

The face tats got me thinking that if Marvel can double-cast Alfre Woodard, peter Mensah and Matt Gerald, I wouldn't mind Dichen Lachman as Moondragon.

I feel like they need to cast an Asian actress since Drax is played by a Filipino actor.

Celina Jade is my first choice. Dichen Lachman is my second. Maggie Q is my third. Jeeja Yanin is also a strong choice as are Jing Tian, Tao Oakomoto and Zhang Ziyi. I'd try to audition all of them alongside Dave Bautista to test for chemistry.

Also, what about her gf? You can't have Moondragon without Martyr and given that Mar-Vell died 25 years ago, she should be a grown woman.

I'd have to say Emily Blunt as Phyla. She's my top choice for Sue Storm but she'd be a great Martyr as well. I'd also take Rose Leslie, Kathryn Winnick, Alicia Vikander, Evan Rachel Wood, Katrina Law, Ellel Hollman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Gwendoline Christie, Emily Beecham, Lauren Cohan, Lea Seadoux, MacKenzie Davis or Katee Sakhoff.

Nova should be Wilmer Valderamma, Pedro Pascal or Diego Luna. Coming up with Hispanic actors is hard and all of these guys are older than I'd like for Nova.

Michelle Trachtenberg for Nikki Gold. I can't see anyone else in the role.

I'd like an unknown as Adam Warlock and then cast Magus based on who they cast.

Terry Crews as Maxam. Much like Nikki, this is the only option.

And the Guardians team after 3 would be Adam Warlock, Nova, Moondragon, Martyr, Maxam and Nikki Gold. Possibly also Major Victory as well but we'd also need Justice in Avengers for the same reason why I can't fancast Magus without knowing who's Adam.
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All you need is lady Gaga. Perfect film to follow up an Oscar with

Since marvel have proven having LGBTIQ characters doesn’t disrupt stuff that much I definitely want to see moondragon in guardians of the galaxy volume 3 even more now
I think we may not be getting Moondragon tbh.
If she's Kamaria, why spend valuable screentime on explaining how she survived/got revived when there's already a perfectly good user of psionic mind powers with a potentially daughterly relation to Drax on the team right now. Mantis even told him "I don't like you like that. I don't even like the type of thing you are." which could be interpreted as her not being into men.
Not to mention the fact that we're already introducing Adam Warlock and possibly others (Gunn hinted at Quasar years ago and now seemingly Chukwudi Iwuji is among the main cast).
I could be wrong and definitely wouldn't mind having Moondragon in at some point, but right now I could easily see them make the call to streamline Moondragon's role into Mantis' from a logistical point of view.

That said, if Moondragon is indeed in this franchise at any point I think I'd go with a South-East Asian actress to match Drax.
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Mantis and Moondragon shared an awful lot of similarities in the comics - They were both up for the Celestial Madonna gig! - but I think it makes sense to introduce her in the third flick since her papa is likely on her way out. Gunn & Company streamlined Mantis' powers to empathic abilities, and I could see Drax's kid getting a comparable adjustment. You could give her telekinetic powers comparable to a Force user and call it a day. She may still be a youngin' and Mantis could be her surrogate mom, training her to reach her full psionic potential.

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