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Jul 3, 2012
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For all of the focus the Raimi trilogy had on Peter's photography, they never showed one of the bases of modern photography. Photoshop.

In TASM they slightly approached the subject, with Peter using the excuse that he was 'touching up stuff' on the picture of the debate club. (Followed by a humorous joke by Gwen)

I want this to be expanded on. Since Peter will probably send pictures in to the Bugle, I'm hoping that it will show him modifying a picture or two in Photoshop.

Doesn't even have to be a long scene, it could be like the web shooter design scene (which was pretty short).
I hope it shows Peter giving Spidey ridiculous muscles.
But really, aside from a quick joke or covering up his identity better, I don't see them putting Photoshop in.
Psh, what's the point of showing Peter as a photographer then?

The program should at least be open when he's in his room or something. Maybe he brings Gwen over and it's just there. I dunno.
Didn't Eddie Brock photoshop the Spider-Man image in Spider-Man 3?
Since when is it up to the photographer to do the PS work? He doesn't get to decide how and why his work is used in the paper, and surely the Bugle would have people on staff specifically for that?

Not to mention the sticky subject of news reporting supposedly being the truth without alteration.

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