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More Proof People Will Buy Anything From eBay!

I got on average $0.75 a tooth

WHiny ***** is complaining about $3.00
I should collect my toenail clippings into a jar and sell that.
Holy ****. $3.00 from the tooth Fairy. I'm gonna have to show this to my Mom cause all i ever got was A quarter.
Holy crap! Truthteller! You still exist!
Why yes I do Cyclops! And its bloody good to see you. Hope you are well. :)

I read your posts about those god-awful Superman figures! What a shame. :o
Yeah. I must be terribly evil to relay such awful reviews to them.

It's a mistake I shant be repeating.
the high bidder has 0 feedback. you know **** well they won't pay for it.
Ew! Oh my God!!! What kind of people put things like this on auction?! Next we'll be seeing people auctioning off their pet pooches lump of poop shaped like Darth Vader's head or something.
No way that kid wrote it. No seven year old says, "Quite Frankly..."
Hang on...................you needed MORE proof? I know someone who bid on a half eaten sandwich once.
I once say what someone claimed to be Britney Spears' pubic hair. It went for quite a bit!
I was going to jar and sell my Guffs, but apparently i need licenses to satore and transport dangerous chemicals to do that
is it not illegal to sell body parts?

how can a seven year old guarantee sanitation of a tooth being sent through the mail, it's not right?

infact i'm more worried about a seven year old already selling himself for money....

prostitution anyone?????

I cant believe 19 people want the thing. . . .That's some sick fetish he's promoting :(

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