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Apr 6, 2005
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Han Shot First :mad:

ok now that that's out of the way. You guys didnt waste anytime creating this forum set.
I like Sith butts and I cannot lie.
This should be interesting. Wonder what it means for the longevity of the Star Wars Universe.

Also what the hell is up with Disney buying everything these days?
They're building an army against Google. Art vs. technology and stuff.
At the Star Wars, Star Wars Cantina. The weirdest creatures you've ever seen-a. At the Star Wars, Star Wars Can-TINA! Music and blasters and old Jedi Masters at the Star Wars! Cantina!
You're right! Damn, and it's not that I'm not a fan of Cheese!
Lucasfil,, disney. Episode VII. SHH boards own Star Wars forums. Too much to wrap my head around!!!
Things are as they should be. The king is returning.
Of all the threads, I'm surprised the Lounge is so dead. But theres so much for discussion and whatnot, it makes sense. Man, these past few days, even with literally no news except more Star Wars and a projected release time, I feel like a kid again back when the prequels were announced.
The Lounge will get busier when the initial hype dies down until we get our first news.
I'm thinking about having a Star Wars marathon Monday. Haven't sat down to watch all the movies in quite some time.
What is this thread for?

Hanging out, not talking strictly about SW and getting to know the regulars of the SW sub-section. Used to do it in the Bat-section, it's pretty fun. Takes away most of the tension from arguing, 'cause you meet the people you argue with and they become more than 2d avatars.
I'm thinking about having a Star Wars marathon Monday. Haven't sat down to watch all the movies in quite some time.

I've vowed that I'm doing my next SW-athon when a find the right girlfriend for it.
I never understood where there's a weird online movement (if it matters) that states Star Wars is purely fantasy and Star Trek is sci-fi. By textbook definition, I guess that makes sense, but sci-fi and fantasy aren't just one thing. Both genres have evolved and transended their original definition, and now it's a giant blur with new hybrid genres like steampunk, etc.

Star Wars has fantastical elements, but no friggin' doubt it's sci-fi. Spaceships, robots, aliens, Death Stars. It's based on technology. It doesnt' have to explain how everything works or have a social commentary. Looper doesn't explain how it's time travel tech works, but it's still frigin' sci-fi.
I don't know, I always viewed SW as LotR in space, so it's fantasy due to its themes and stuff.

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