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Most anticipated movies of 2007

mine aint spiderman ,pirates or harry potter its
Turn the River stars Famke Janssen as Kailey, a woman rough around the edges and schooled in hard knocks. The film centers on her efforts to raise money winning at cards and pool in order to rescue her son from his increasingly troubled father. A touching, sometimes tragic, film told with humor and heart, Turn the River is a story about a mother with the best intentions, but not the greatest plan to achieve them. We root for Kailey as her attempts unfold, confronting her past and battling her demons, all to save her beloved son Gulley.
she makes a plan to kidnap her son from his father and escape with him across the border!

As an audience, we're used to seeing a male character in this role (think Tender Mercies, American Heart). Though the film has a strong female protagonist, Turn The River has more in common with a classic Western like Shane or 400 Blows than anything you'll see on Lifetime. It's a hero's tale that turns on revenge and redemption.

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