Motherload of Clips! (Spoilers)

here we go AGAIN. -clicks- -falls completely over to the darkside-

Jean/Phoenix: dod...your making me blush...

aaaaaaaaaah! ...

:eek: :o

oi motherload... :o
I havn't seen most of these clips, just the Jean ones... -sighs-... gah. and I don't to go through all of them. :mad: :mad: :mad:

Dark Phoenix: Do It!

NOOOOOOO! :oMust resist...

I saw a few, like the extended Kitty/Juggernaut clip, but Media keeps stuttering on me now. :(
I just watched the juggs and kitty scene and when she gets him stuck in the ground I coulda swore he was going to say "Don't you know who I am..... I'm the Juggernaut *****"
They might as well just broadcast the whole movie!!!!!!
Could someone say which ones are the "cyke fan heart breaking" one so I can at least avoid those.... :( Please?
"Where's scott" obviously but which one is the other one?
I can't help getting spoiled otherwise but with Cyke (and final battle I guess) ... I wanna see it at the movies.

**** you FOX
God damn you FOX. You might as well put the entire Movie Online at this point
Watched all the ones i didnt see i dont know how kittys getting out of that one.
I can't and won't watch them. I am part of TBNSC.
Look at me Jean...Where's Scott? ... Jean? ... JEAN!.

OMG... -wipes his eyes- that scene was so intense... and Famke. omg. she nailed her part.
I have no idea. I'm trying to get people to join TBNSC.
Can't watch them. Need download link.
x-periment said:
I have no idea. I'm trying to get people to join TBNSC.

< < < has urge to spoil the Secret Scene after the End Credits

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