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Jan 3, 2007
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The movie starts off at night in the desert in Puente Antiguo, New Mexico. Three astrophysicists - Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), Erik Selvig (Stellan SkarsgÂrd) and Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) - sit inside a trailer. They are waiting for an aurora to show up. While Darcy and Erik are less than optimistic, Jane has hope. Suddenly, a massive aurora lights up the night sky and they excitedly drive towards it. As they near it, they realise that a large column of smoke has billowed downward from the aurora to the ground. As Jane drives, she hits something and screeches to a halt. They get out of the trailer and run towards the object - it's a man, lying unconscious on the ground, in the middle of a large circular design etched on the ground.

Flashback to 965 AD, Norway - We are introduced to the story of the Asgardian warriors and the Frost Giants. The Frost Giants of Jotunheim were a ruthless and brutal race, that wanted to conquer the Nine Realms, starting with Earth. However, the Asgard Warriors, led by Odin (Anthony Hopkins) came to the people's rescue and defeated the Frost Giants and their leader, Laufey (Colm Feore). They seized the source of the Frost Giants' power - the Casket of Ancient Winters. Odin narrates this story to his two young sons - Thor and Loki. While Thor is more belligerent, Loki is more subdued. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) grows to become popular and strong, though supremely arrogant.

With Mjilnor (his hammer) at his side, he swaggers into Odin's court in Asgard, to a thunderous applause, while Loki (Tom Hiddleston) watches. Though Odin is a bit apprehensive at appointing Thor his heir, he is about to do so, when he senses a trio of Frost Giants breaking into the Asgard vault to steal the Casket. The kill two guards and try to escape with the Casket, but are confronted by a massive humanoid metal creature - The Destroyer. The Destroyer's metal face opens, firing a deadly energy beam at the intruders, killing them instantly. Odin, Thor and Loki recover the Casket. Thor is outraged at the intrusion by the Frost Giants into Asgard and demands that they set off to Jotunheim to confront the Frost Giants about this. However, Odin refuses.

Later, Thor meets up with his friends, the Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) and the Warriors Three - Fandral (Joshua Dallas), Volstagg (Ray Stevenson) and Hogun (Tadanobu Asano). He convinces them and Loki to accompany him to Jotunheim. They go to the Bifrost Bridge, which is guarded by the gatekeeper, Heimdall (Idris Elba). Thor orders him not to inform anyone where they are headed, and they set off to Jotunheim. The place is dark and desolate, covered in ruins. They are surrounded by the Frost Giants. Laufey speaks, ordering them to go back or perish. Thor wants answers, but they are heavily outnumbered. Loki apologises to Laufey and seems to convince Thor to back off. Just as Thor turns to walk away, Laufey mocks him, calling him a "princess". It's on now! Thor attacks Laufey Hans the six of them are set upon by Frost Giants. While Thor holds his own against them, the others have a bit of trouble, with Fandral getting wounded by a spike of ice. While the others are affected by the touch of the Frost Giants, Loki finds himself immune, to his bemusement. They are chased by a large beast, while the ground starts to collapse under their feet. They fin themselves cornered by the beast, but Thor kills it. They are surrounded by countless Frost Giants. Suddenly, Odin shows up on his horse and speaks to Laufey, who notices that Odin seems a bit frail. Laufey is in no mood to end the fight, so Odin transports the Asgardians back to Asgard using the Bridge. Back at Asgard, he berates Thor for disobeying his orders. Thor calls him an old man and a fool. Enraged, Odin strips Thor of his godly power, Mjilnor and his status. He is cast out through the Bridge to Earth. Odin holds Mjilnor and decrees that whoever holds it will wild Thor's power. He then throws it too into the Bridge to Earth.

Back in Puente Antiguo, NM, the three scientists huddle around Thor's unconscious form, wondering where he came from. He suddenly wakes up and starts calling for Mjilnor, to no avail. Seeing the three humans, he asks which realm this is, introducing himself as Thor. However, his arrogant attitude and belligerence result in him getting Tased by Darcy. Jane is a bit interested in finding out more about him. They dump him into the trailer and take him to the nearest hospital. Just as they leave, Mjilnor lands Earth, not far from where Thor landed.

When Thor awakens in the hospital the next day, he starts to fight off the doctors and security, till they sedate him. Back at the scientists' lab, they discuss last night's event and the man. Darcy notices something in one of the photos they took of the "aurora" and they see a man's airborne form, enveloped in light. They realise it's Thor. Since they have no idea about the event, Jane suggests they go to the hospital and speak to the only person who knows about it. At the hospital, Thor awakens, finding himself in restraints. Incredulous at finding himself so weakened, he manages to slip out of the restraints and leaves the hospital. Jane, Erik and Darcy come in, only to find him gone. They get back in their jeep. As Jane backs up, she hits Thor as he passes by. Picking him up, they take him (in scrubs) to their lab. She gives him her ex-boyfriend's (Dr. Donald Blake, MD) old clothes. Darcy remarks that, for a weird homeless guy, Thor is pretty cut. Jane is smitten. Thor says that he is weakened in his human form and demands sustenance.

In Asgard, Loki goes to the Casket of the Ancient Winters and holds it in his hands, unaffected by it. He confronts a weakening Odin, who confesses that he had found him in Jotunheim, during the war. He is actually Laufey's son, whom Odin adopted in the hope that he could be used to foster peace between the realms in the future. Loki, enraged, lashes out at his father, accusing him of using him (Loki) and favouring Thor over him. As he rants, Odin collapses his the ground and passes out. Loki calls out for the guards after a beat. Odin falls into the Odinsleep - a long sleep that he has to go through once in a while. It has been a long time since the last one, and hence it is uncertain when he might recover. Loki then declares himself ruler of Asgard, much to the displeasure of the Lady Sif and the Warriors Three. They are even unhappier when he refuses to reinstate Thor, saying that he has to maintain consistency.

In New Mexico, Mjilnor is discovered in the middle of a massive crater, by a man in a pickup truck. He tries to pick it up, but it's lodged hard in the rock and is unmovable. Soon, the place becomes a hotspot with the locals, who are having a good time, barbecuing and trying to remove the hammer to no avail. Some genius gets the bright idea to try and use a pickup truck and chain to pull it out, but that only results in him losing the pickup bed. Just then, Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) pulls up and calls SHIELD, saying that they found it (after-credits scene from Iron Man 2).

In a diner, Jane, Erik and Darcy watch Thor gulp down pancake after pancake in a diner. As they eat, a couple of guys talk about the "fallen satellite", which they couldn't budge. Thor knows what they're talking about and enquires as to its location. He sets off to the site. Jane runs after him, but Erik warns her that this might not be a good idea, since their work is here. Agreeing, she declines Thor's offer to take him to the site in exchange for his story. Smiling, he wishes her farewell and starts his journey on foot. When the trio return to their lab, they find it overrun with SHIELD agents, who are busy confiscating all their stuff (including Jane's diary and Darcy's iPod). They watch helplessly as their lab is stripped of all equipment and files. Later, Jane sees Thor walk into a pet store and demand a horse (or any other animal big enough to ride). She offers him a ride to the site and he accepts.

They reach the site at nightfall, when it looks like its about to rain. The crater is now locked down and security is tight. Thor tells Jane to hang back at the top of the crater and makes his way to the site. He manages to overpower most of the security enroute to Mjilnor. Coulson orders a long-range solution for the target. The sniper runs to the armoury and looks at the selection of sniper rifles and settles on... a bow! The archer runs onto an elevated scaffold and takes himself high enough to get a visual on the attacker. The man is Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) (in case you haven't guessed it by now). He aims an arrow at Thor as he fights his way to the hammer. When he reaches the hammer, he smiles broadly and tries to take it out, only to find that he too cannot budge it. Devastated, he drops to his knees and is apprehended easily by the SHIELD agents. Jane manages to get away unseen. Thor is interrogated by Coulson, who asks him where he was trained and who he is. Thor remains silent. As Coulson leaves the room, Loki appears (he can only be seen by Thor). Thor, unaware of Loki's treachery, asks what the matter is. Loki lies that Odin has died, as a result of Thor's banishment and other stressful occurrences. Thor is still banished as their mother, Frigga (Rene Russo), doesn't want him to return. Shattered, Thor apologises for all his transgressions and says goodbye. As Loki walks away, he smiles evilly.

Jane convinces Erik to help Thor out. Erik apprehensively visits the site and says that Thor is actually Dr. Donald Blake, MD, who is delusional. Though the SHIELD agents find that Erik's using falsified documents for Thor, they let Thor go. As they walk out, Thor grabs Jane's diary. He and Erik go to a bar. Erik asks Thor about his intentions for Jane, because he sees how she looks at Thor. The latter replies that he wishes her no harm. They drink, fight and make their ancestors proud (or, at least, that's how Thor describes it). He takes the thoroughly-drunk Erik to Jane's trailer in the desert. As they sit in the open air, Thor gives Jane her diary, much to her delight. He explains how in his world, magic and science are one and the same. As he speaks, she looks at him dreamily. Finally, they sleep (separately) under the stars.

Loki goes to Jotunheim and strikes a deal with Laufey, telling him that he will use his powers of cloaking to sneak him and some of his men to Asgard, where they can kill Odin. When he returns to Asgard, Heimdall tells him that he could not sense Loki in the other realm. This is similar to the time the three Frost Giants snuck into Asgard. Loki orders Heimdall to not question his king, and Heimdall reluctantly backs down. Meanwhile, Sif, Fandral, Volstagg and Hogun argue about what needs to be done. They plan to go to Earth and get Thor back. They are summoned by Heimdall, who calls what they're planning treason. However, he gets them to Earth. Loki notices this and confronts Heimdall, dismissing him from his service for treason. Now a free man, Heimdall attempts to attack Loki with his broadsword, but is frozen in place (alive though) by Loki, with the help of the Casket of the Ancient Winters. Loki orders the Destroyer to go to Earth and destroy Thor and anyone that stands in his way.

Back in Puente Antiguo, NM, Thor seems to be settling down to his new life, helping prepare breakfast with Jane for Darcy and Erik. The SHIELD agents, running surveillance on them, suddenly notice four oddly-dressed individuals walking towards the lab. Thor, seeing the four Asgardians, is delighted and hugs them. They tell him they want him to return. He says he can't, due to Odin's death. They inform him that Odin is only in the Odinsleep and not dead. Thor figures out that Loki is behind this.

Just then, the Destroyer lands on Earth, in the desert a few miles away from the town. The SHIELD agents intercept it, wondering at first if it is one of Tony Stark's designs. However, it destroys their vehicles using it's face energy beam, causing them to scatter. It starts to make its way towards the town. Thor, his Asgardian friends and his Earth friends start to evacuate the townspeople. He tells Jane, Erik and Darcy to also leave, but Jane refuses bluntly. As the Destroyer enters the town, destroying all obstacles in its way, the Warriors Three march towards it, as a distraction, allowing Lady Sif to flank it from the rooftops. Volstagg manages to distract it long enough (and at great risk to himself) for Lady Sif to drive her spear through its neck. It goes down for only a few seconds and comes back to life, batting Lady Sif away like a ragdoll. Realising that his friends are in grave danger, Thor bravely walks upto the Destroyer and speaks to Loki through it, asking him to spare the others and kill him instead. The Destroyer seems to back down and turns away, only to deal a devastating backhand to Thor's face and chest, flinging him a good twenty miles away. Jane runs up to him. With his dying breath, he says that everything will be okay now. The Destroyer, seeing that its work is done, turns and starts walking back towards the desert. Despite Jane's pleas for Thor to hold on, he dies. At the moment, Odin (in his Odinsleep) sheds a tear for his son.

Suddenly, at the crater site, Mjilnor starts to shake. It breaks free from the rock and takes off. It flies towards Thor. Erik gets Jane away just in time for the hammer to be caught by Thor! As he gets up, his armour re-forms over his body and his cloak flows over his back again. The Asgardians are elated at his reinstatement, while Jane, Erik and Darcy watch open-mouthed at this transformation. The Destroyer notices that the job isn't quite done yet, so it attacks Thor again. But this time, thanks to his regained power and Mjilnor, he is more than a match for it. He catches it in a Mjilnor-assisted tornado and smashes it in the face with the hammer, causing it to fall lifeless to the ground, smashing to pieces. He emerges from the dust and asks Jane if she likes his new look. She laughingly says she prefers it. Coulson joins them and Thor offers them an alliance, calling him "Son of Coul". Before Coulson can debrief them, they fly to the Bridge portal site and call out for Heimdall to transport them back.

However, Heimdall is currently frozen and unable to stop Loki from bringing Laufey and his minions into Asgard. While the two minions keep an eye on Heimdall and the Bifrost Bridge, Laufey goes to the palace, accompanied by Loki. Heimdall, hearing Thor's call, starts to struggle with all his might, causing the ice to shatter. Dispatching the two Frost Giants, he opens the portal, Before they part ways, Thor and Jane kiss and he promises to be back. The Asgardians return to Asgard. While Lady Sif and the Warriors Three tend to Heimdall, Thor flies to the palace to confront his brother. At the palace, Laufey enters Odin's chambers, knocking out Frigga. He walks up to Odin's sleeping form, unchallenged, forms an ice dagger in his hand, and is about to kill him, when he is blasted from behind... by Loki! Loki finishes him off with another blast, reducing him to ashes. It was all a trick by Loki to elevate himself in his parents' eyes by destroying the Frost Giants' leader and using the attempt on Odin's life as an excuse to destroy Jotunheim. When his mother recovers, she is relieved to see him. Just then, Thor enters, to Loki's dismay and Frigga's delight. Thor confronts Loki, but Loki blasts Thor out of the room (and the palace wall).

Thor manages to make it to the Bifrost Bridge. By then, Loki has already activated the Bridge to fire a deadly energy beam towards Jotunheim. Loki says that he never wanted to be king, but he didn't want the arrogant and brash Thor on the throne either, so he snuck in the Frost Giants to prevent Odin from naming Thor as his heir. Thor, at first, refuses to fight Loki, but when Loki threatens to harm Jane, they fight each other, with Thor managing to subdue Loki by placing Mjilnor on Loki's chest, pinning him to the ground. As he tries to make his way to the Bridge, he finds the energy field generated by the Bridge too much to handle. As Loki laughs at his helplessness, Thor recalls Mjilnor to him and starts to hammer the Bridge walkway, shattering it. Loki yells at him to stop, saying that he will never see Jane again. With an apology to Jane, Thor continues to hammer the Bridge, until it explodes, causing a black hole to be formed as a result. As the brothers fall towards the black hole, Odin catches them on his staff. Loki says he did it for them, but Odin is having none of it. Seeing the disappointment in his father's eyes, Loki lets go of the staff and plummets into the black hole, as Thor looks on helpless and grief-stricken.

Jane, Erik and Darcy notice that the Bridge portal has dissipated. Jane realises that Thor might never return. At Asgard, Thor grieves for his brother and pines for Jane at the same time. Speaking to his father, he says that there will never be a greater king and he hopes that someday he makes him proud. Odin tells him that he is already proud of Thor. Thor meets Heimdall and says that Jane is lost to him forever. Heimdall says cryptically, "not forever". Thor asks if Heimdall can see Jane, which he affirms. On Earth, Jane and the others work on ways to open a portal to Asgard.

Erik is taken to an underground SHIELD base, where he meets Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). Fury shows him a cube (Cosmic Cube). Erik asks him what it is, to which Fury replies, "power". We realise that Erik is being controlled by Loki, who's still alive.

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