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Movies You Wish Were Made

Picard Sisko

Prepare to be Assimilated
May 28, 2012
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What movies out there do you wish were made, but just never had the opportunity of seeing the light of day. They can either be cancelled films, movies that could still potentially happen but are in development hell, or movies that have never been considered by a studio. Here are some of mine:

  • Batman vs. Superman
  • Deadpool Film
  • The Flash
  • Halo live-action film
  • LOST spin-off about the Dharma Initiative
  • Prequel to The Incredible Hulk 2008 film
  • Quentin Tarantino's The Vega Brothers
  • Marvels film
  • Marvel Civil War
  • Secret Wars
  • Sequel to Ang Lee's Hulk
  • Sequel to Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (More out of curiosity)
  • Sequel to Star Trek: Nemesis
  • Silver Surfer spin-off
  • The Simpsons Movie sequel
  • Spider-Man 3 Director's Cut (with all the deleted scenes with Sandman, Venom, etc)
  • Spider-Man 4
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine feature film
  • Tim Burton sequel to Batman Returns (supposed to be an origin film)
  • Uncharted video-game film
  • Venom Spin-Off film
  • X-Men 4
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Gargoyles(90's cartoon)
Sequel to The Incredible Hulk
I would love to see At The Mountains Of Madness get made. Also, The Call of Cthulhu. The Dunwich Horror needs to get made, and maybe a more faithful adaptation of The Re-Animator. I could go on about other Lovecraft stories, but I'll stop there.

As for other movies I hope get made someday; Dead Space needs to get made. Also let's reboot the Resident Evil series, also reboot Silent Hill while were at it. And maybe Doom. Many are unrealistic expectations, but one can dream.
I wouldn't mind a good Resident Evil film. Unfortunately, I don't think that would ever happen, at least not anytime soon.
I think the problem with video game adaptations are that the plot or characters are not their strong suit. Like RE is fun but the plot is nonsensical and the characters at their best "wacky". Early on they were at least semi-serious but the characters in RE4 and 5 are just caricatures.

On the other hand even when Hollywood is given a good, tight story like Max Payne they can't even do it correctly. They have to make pointless changes and give it about half the budget it needs while simultaneously having the two main characters played by the two most vapid actors they could find.

Anyway, I used to think I wanted my favorite fantasy novel series made into movies, but now with the success of Game of Thrones I'd rather they were made into HBO TV shows.
I know that Sony is planning a Metal Gear Solid film. Has potential, but we'll see.
I'd love a Reign of Fire prequel, when we see the dragons actually arising to power. And a good one, not some cheap sci/fi B movie material either. Not enough dragons in modern day motion pictures, and I think they are probably the most awesome creatures ever thought of.
I would've loved a Spider-man 4,of course. But has the Venom spinoff been cancelled? Honestly,I'd love to see that but only if Venom were put in a Spider-man film first,and that doesn't seem the case with this new series,sadly. Oh,I SO WANT a Spider-man 3.1 on DVD.
3 movies come to mind that I'd want to see. First,is a remake of King Kong vs. Godzilla. As much as I hate the remake trend over the last 7-8 years,this one if done right would be awesome.
Secondly,I'd love to see a major bio pic about Adolf Hitler done. But,there's no way in hell I'd trust Hollywood to do that. They would just turn it into propaganda and never take Hitler seriously. Germany,I've found makes the best WW2 movies. In fact,I would love to see Bruno Ganz reprise his role as Der Fuhrer. Although,he may be a bit too old to play a younger vesion of Adolf. Maybe they could make it from 1933 untill late 1944?
Finally,another historical obsession of mine is 9/11. There haven't been too many films that have dealt specifically with the attack since World Trade Center and United 93. Both were made in 2006,I believe. I'd like to see a film made about some of ordinary office workers inside the World Trade Center who became heroes themselves,by helping people out of the building,or maybe a film about some of the other more memorable individuals of that horrible day. Like a specific firefighter or rescue worker.
Wonder Woman (too overdue)
A lot of other DC films
An Eragon reboot (I love the books and would love another try)
Gargoyles would be awesome too
Many years back I remember reading that the USA network was remaking Scarface into a mini-series, never heard anything else about it.
Nolan's Howard Hughes movie.
Fullmetal Alchemist -- A sprawling epic set in an alternate, industrial, European-type world. Alchemists have the ability to convert objects or raw materials into enables the user to create certain matobjects into something else with the help of Transmutation Circles. Full-body prostheses called Automail are used to replaced people's lost limbs. The main protagonists are two young brothers, one of them a State Alchemist, on a mission to discover a way to restore their bodies back to normal after unsuccessfully bringing their mother back from the dead. Lots of political intrigue, moral dilemmas, balls-to-the-wall action (martial arts and gun/sword/Alchemist fights) and interesting, well-developed characters with great backstories.

This sort of thing was made for the big screen. Get someone like Guillermo Del Toro to direct, Weta Workshop for practical effects, Weta Digital for VFX, and shoot on location in New Zealand. Would have to be at least 5 films, if not more, to accommodate for the sheer amount of material to adapt.

Audiences would eat this up.
A Daredevil sequel
Sam Raimi's intended Spider-Man 3 (before Studio interference)
A great Dragonball franchise

A great Last Airbender movie

A biopic about the Marx Bros.

More animated films aimed at teens and adults. Not with sex and violence for the sake of it, but not afraid to include it if it benefits the story. Something more in the style and tone of Ralph Bakshi or Satoshi Kon.

Gamera vs. Godzilla

Walt Disney and the making of Snow White
I hope that someday we'll see an Aliens 5 with Ridley Scott and James Cameron.
The version of The Three Stooges with Jim Carrey, Sean Penn, Benicio DelToro.
Someone else said The Call of Cthulu. Yes please.

Batman The Killing Joke (would more than likely animated)
Splinter Cell
Rainbow Six adaptation
Left 4 Dead
Frank Darabont's Dark Tower Saga (Seven films; PG-13 theatrical cut with Unrated Extended Edition Director's Cuts).

Guillermo Del Toro's Elric of Melnibone, The Stealer of Souls, and Stormbringer.

Guillermo Del Toro's Hellboy 3
Roger Rabbit 2.

He was supposed to take on the nazis during WW2, but it was canned because Disney thought it was too dark.

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