Batman Begins MTV Movie Awards

it better win Fantastic Four sucked and jessica alba sucked even more as Sue Storm
chosen1 said:
it better win Fantastic Four sucked and jessica alba sucked even more as Sue Storm

Thank you for that great contribution to the forum.
Murphy better win.

Though we all know Bale, BB and Murphy will lose to Jessica Simpson or something:o

God the Mtv movie awards suck.

...I'll still watch it of course
Best Hero should be a certainty,Best film may be harder to win though with SC and the Wedding Crashers on the list

Tilda Swinton was best villain IMO:O
chosen1 said:
Two Face Y you always ridin me?

Is that my name? No. That should give you the answer right there.:(

Now run along.
I voted, but I think Sin City will win best film. Hopefully Begins wins for best hero.
I hope that Sin City wins best film. I liked Batman Begins alot, but I LOVED Sin City. Batman better win best hero though.
who's about MTV Movie or Music awards they suck mostly.
That MTV Movie Awards with Batman was funny. Not nearly as funny as the one Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Geller did for Spider-Man though. The MTV Movie Awards get less funny each year. :(
Meh.......maybe it just seems that way cuz we keep getting older.....
Well.....I don't really care.....but anything to beat anyone of those jackasses....
I want Bale to win for the sole purpose of seeing him not show up to collect it, and then sending in a half-assed 'thank you video'

But Cillian Murphy didn't get my vote for the villain category.Ralph Fiennes was better IMO.
mtv sucks itll probably be rigged so Alba wins it anyway.

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