MTV to bring back Punk'd....


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Jul 9, 2005
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What is Americans' obsession with Justin Bieber, anyway? :facepalm:
SHouldnt they get an actual comedian to do it. I dont know if Bieber is a funny guy or not, but I dont think hes known for being funny
It's refreshing to see Punk'd comig back but why choose Bieber as host completely baffles me, I wish they brought back Boiling Points.
Clearly the guy that attacked the Discovery Channel last month had his networks mixed up. :o
As long as they punk someone who will punch Bieber in his little rat terrier face once he comes out, I'm all for it.
There have been plenty of new celebrities that have come out since the last time the show was on the air......

Hopefully Beiber punks a Twilight cast member, which will cause his fans to turn on him for making fun of Twilight.
If people ever ask me why I've pretty much given up on watching Mtv anymore, I'll be pointing them to this.
Bieber is one of only maybe 3 people I wish death upon.
I LIKE PUNKD A LOT. IDON'T THINK IT WOULD be the same without Ashtonkuther. i like it it does cuse a lot. they take it out on tv guide station. i think some stunts they do is mean. i like how he surperiese the actors.
It doesn't matter who hosts Punk'd ,the only reason to watch it was for the celebrities. Ashton was annoying as hell but at least on his side it seemed like he had some connections . Bieber is probably all wrong for this.
As long as they punk someone who will punch Bieber in his little rat terrier face once he comes out, I'm all for it.
I guess it all depends on the personality I mean if Justin Bieber simply acts just like another Ashton then I'd be the first in line to smack his face.
I thought Ashton was fine but Bieber is a wrong choice. Punkd isnt even the correct demographic that likes Bieber
Can Ashton and Bieber both fall off of a tall cliff?
If it's true that Ashton cheated on some fugly chick while married to a hottie that is Demi Moore, I would definitely not mind if he falls down such a cliff with Bieber/Beiber/whatever :up:
Punk'd went off the air? Pretty sure Ashton just punk'd Demi a little while ago. :o

Bieber is bad, but he's still only 15 or 16 so I can forgive him for being an immature d-bag, but his latest girlfriend fame****e Kim Kardashian is plain sick. She's pushing 30 and going around dating Bieber and talking about how attracted she is to him. What the hell is wrong with that woman? Like Tila Tequila, she will literally do ANYTHING to appear in a tabloid. What if that was a 30 year old dude (Ashton?) doing that, going around with Miley Cyrus or someone?
As long as they punk someone who will punch Bieber in his little rat terrier face once he comes out, I'm all for it.

That was almost my first thought. It was actually "Well, people would be more likely to just punch this little twerp in the facial region when he popped out, so I'm for this."
The think I hate about MTV (aside from not showing music videos) is that they are careless when promoting their shows that are not either The Hills or Jersey Shore.

What I mean is that they never had a finale for the original Punk'd, Pimp My Ride, Boiling Points, Yo Mamma, they simply just faded into reruns on other MTV sister networks like MTV2, MTV Latino.

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