Music in TV Spot 14?

LEGO Spidey

Mar 8, 2004
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Please, can someone let me know what is the music playing during TV Spot 14, the one that begins with Xavier saying "This Memorial Day"? I know there's already a thread for discussion of the TV spots, but it's grown to a humungous size and the answer would likely get lost there. I'd like to ask the mods to close this once someone answers. Thank you.
when you post something in that thread, like a question reply ect. and your expecting an answer, go down to the bottem of the page where it says currently active users. Click your name (its the first one there) then go to find all posts by this user. Then click on the post you had written. It will take you right to the thread, page and reply on which yours is on. Then read from there. If thats to complicated just bookmark the page or add it to your favorites

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