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MUSIC: Who do you want to score JLA?


Mar 6, 2008
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So... who do you think should score the movie? A film like this needs to have a fantastic score, IMO. My number one choice would be John Williams, but I know he ain't cheap. All his music is just so timeless and brilliant, IMO and a film this epic needs someone who can deliver a score of epic proportions.

Danny Elfman would be cool and I think John Ottman would be great too.

I just watched Batman and Batman Begins back to back, and let me tell you Hans Zimmmer's score doesn't hold a candle to Danny Elfman's Batman score. His work is the definite Batman theme, IMO. I wished they would've used that in Begins. :csad:

I say that the Williams Superman theme and Elfman Batman theme should be Superman and Batman's leitmotiff in JLA, meaning whenever we see them that's their music. :woot:

John Ottman's scores are also great, I liked his work in Superman Returns and on the Fantastic Four movies and would be glad if he scored the film.

I also thought that the JL cartoon's opening theme is the BEST short theme of all time for anything, and it would be great if they put that music in the first teaser ever released for the film.

Shirley Walker did some great themes on Batman the animated series and Superman the animated series. May she rest in peace.

Who do you think should score the film? Post on!! :word:
Doh! I think someone already posted something like this......
howard shore.
john williams :) although he's expensive
I like Steve Jablonsky but I also like the suggestion of Michael Giacchino.
If they can't get Williams, Ottman, or Elfman, i might suggest Chris Young, who scored Spidey 3.
I Don't know.

''Spider-man 3'' had a very weak music. Basicly, Danny Elfman's version with lots of ''PAM PAM PAM PAM!''
Anybody but Ottman and Young. Young has done good scores before but his Spidey 3 score was awful and Ottman has yet to do anything special.
Anybody but Ottman and Young. Young has done good scores before but his Spidey 3 score was awful and Ottman has yet to do anything special.

Aww, i TOTALLY disagree about Ottman. His work on Superman Returns is GREAT! i loved his tweaks to the Superman theme, i felt he perfected it. And his work on Fantastic 4 is good too, i especially like his main title for the movie (that was cut out from the original theatrical release, cuz Tim Story's a dick, but you can catch it on the extended edition DVD).

Ottman RULES!! :woot:

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