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Days of Future Past Mutant Inhibitor Collar

Super Jim

Jul 9, 2012
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I wrote this in another thread while trying to defend my belief that BooBoo Stewart is playing Forge.

One main point I made was about the Mutant Inhibitor Collar, which made me realize how important this one thing might be to the storyline. For that reason I felt this deserved it's own thread...

So, what do we know about the Mutant Inhibitor Collar?

It is a metallic device that fits around the neck of the wearer. Through electronic means, the item prevents a particular being from consciously using their super-powers, successfully neutralizing them. The desired effect does not harm the wearer, but renders them powerless and susceptible to manipulation.

We also know that it was Forge who invented the mutant inhibitor collar and that it was highly sought after by the humans to use against mutants. In the Days of Future Past storyline those incarcerated at internment camps are forced to wear them.

So why might this play into the movie?

Well, we all know that both Iceman and Rogue are going to be in the movie. We all know that one of the major conflicts that this "couple" has been dealing with is their inability to touch each other, meaning they can't be intimate.

Now we have BooBoo. Yes, there are many options for him that would fit his look. He could be Thunderbird or Warpath, Sunspot, Avalanche (more like the cartoon version), Rictor (no one thought of that yet), or, of course, Forge.

I have been arguing that Forge will be featured in the 70's since that is where he loses his arm and leg, and since the story is in the 70's it just makes sense. But BooBoo can't play an old Forge (at least not without make-up). If he is young in the 70's then we would need an older Forge in the future, who would invent the inhibitor collar, which could be used to help Rogue and Bobby.

Another interesting way they could go is the Wolverine and the X-men concept where again it is Forge who invents the collar, but Gambit is hired to steal it from the X-mansion. I know Gambit was done in the Wolverine Origins movie, but that was done very poorly...

Anyway, going with this concept of the Inhibitor Collar it seems like it might be a very featured component of the storyline.

Without the collar the government would not have been likely to beat the mutants. Without the collar we might not have a future where the sentinals/Mastmold/Trask/government rule.

So what if the cause of the change to the future timeline is not the killing of a prominent person (Senator Kelly, President Nixon, Xavier, etc.) but the introduction of the Mutant Inhibitor Collar to the past, meaning someone (Fitzroy, Nimrod, etc.) brings it back in time (to the 70's). Bishop (Omar Sy?) would need to go back to set things straight.

It just makes so much sense to have the collar introduced to help Rogue, which leads to it either going back to the past or someone going back to the past to change something (kill Forge maybe - so he never invents it?), which changes the future to create the Days of Future Past.
I could see Storm wearing a mutant inhibitor Collar.

I wonder if they'll have it and Genosha in this film.
That's way too much to get Into the future part of film.especilly If only 25 to 30 Minutes are spent In future scenes.The way this Is going Blink could be only new character In
future scenes.
The Sentinel factory and the prison for mutants could be set up in Genosha. I don't think thats going to affect the film.
Why be set up In Genosha why It was new York In comic.COnserding how long Lauren SHueller DOnner has wanted to do DOFP there will be things taken from original comic.
Genosha should be used only when they have time to spend time on It.
Why be set up In Genosha why It was new York In comic.COnserding how long Lauren SHueller DOnner has wanted to do DOFP there will be things taken from original comic.
Genosha should be used only when they have time to spend time on It.

It may not be far enough into the future for New York City to be destroyed and turned into an apocalyptic war zone.

Genosha is a viable option. Remember that image of a set with some sort of landscape - didn't look like the middle of New York City to me!
My guess is that if they use the inhibitor collar the majority of the Sentinal controlled future scenes will take place in either an internment camp (with many mutants wearing a similar collar) or in a rebel base.

I think there are real clues in the comic and cartoon versions of DOFP. Here is the synopsis of the cartoon version that uses Bishop:

"The episode begins with an overview of New York City in the year 2055; the sky is a dark red, most of the buildings are badly damaged or destroyed, and Sentinals patrol the skies of the ruined city. As two young mutants make their way through the decaying streets, they are ambushed by a group of Sentinels. Though they put a fight, they are soon cornered, only to be saved by Wolverine. Despite his healing ability, it appears that age has finally caught up to the mutant. The group are then ambushed by a "tracker", or mutant-hunter, named Bishop, who captures the three. He brings them to a mutant extermination camp, only for the Sentinels to declare that Bishop's "quota" has been reached, and that they are all to be terminated. After passing by the graves of the X-Men, all of whom have been dead for decades, the four mutants fight back, only to be approached by Nimrod, a new advanced Sentinel. The two young mutants give their lives so that Wolverine and Bishop can escape. Wolverine brings Bishop to a rebel base, where Forge reveals a working time-portal, and then explains that he believes that he has pinpointed an event in history whichs supposedly is the direct cause for the dystopian world that they live in: an assassination in the early 90's. Wolverine prepares to travel through the portal, but Bishop argues that he should go instead, as the assassin is one of the X-Men and Bishop's youth makes him a better candidate. Just then, the Sentinels attack the base, and Wolverine is fatally wounded by Nimrod. Bishop leaps into the portal, just as Nimrod reaches in to grab him."

I don't think any of us expect the year to be 2055, but sometime not too long after X3...

But I could see a couple of sentinals patrolling the sky. A young (no name) mutant or two about to be captured by a Sentinal when Wolverine comes to their rescue.

I could see Bishop (or another red-headed? mutant) as a tracker who captures them and takes them to an internment/extermination camp.

I could see domething happening that gets Bishop on their side and has them escape to a rebel base.

I could see Forge having technology to send someone (Bishop) back to fix an event in the past that he has pinpointed.

More than likely though the movie will incorporate various elements from both the comic and the different cartoon versions. Bishop is likely instead of Kitty/Kate. Nimrod could be in there, or maybe it's Fitzroy. Bishop might be a tracker, or maybe just another member of the rebels (called the XSE) or just another captured mutant.

But the point is that an internment/extermination camp and/or a rebel base makes a lot of sense. I don't think they will need to (or want to) show New York in ruins.

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